Vita Nova (New Life)

A Simple Legacy

Vita Nova, which is Latin for “New Life,” is a simple legacy.  It doesn’t follow the legacy challenge rulddddes, but it builds off of the basic, simple principle (following a founder and their heirs for 10 generations) of the legacy challenge created by the venerable Pinstar.  The goal isn’t to get points or to follow a strict set of rules to guide the founder and his heir along in their lives, but to let the sims dictate the way everything goes (for the most part).  Autonomy is set to full.  Starting funds are used to create a starter home.  There are no rules requiring spouses be townies.  Spares can and will be used for additional stories in the future.  In fact, the only limit is 10 generations. Essentially, it’s playing the Sims 4 as you do the day you first open the game: take a sim and just free play and following that bloodline for 10 generations.

The mod MC Command Center is being used to enable the game to populate sims as time progresses and to help ensure that there are always available mates for future heirs without having to create more as we move along. It also allows for autonomous woohoo interactions as well as allows townies to marry each other and produce children.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this story.  I’m having fun writing it!

About the Founder

His name is Chase Stoddard, and he is our founder. Chase was a sim I created a while back and never used. Now, he lives in Oasis Springs with his wife, Candy Stoddard (formerly Behr) and their new-born son, Daniel. Chase is in the military and Candy wants to be a famous performer.

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