1.01: The Chase Begins

And so we meet our hero, Chase Stoddard…

Chase Stoddard, our hero…

And this is his lot in life.

Yes, quite literally. A beautiful lot in Oasis Springs that the real estate agent called “Pebble Burrow” and a “quite place to build a family.” In Chase’s mind, it was also the perfect spot to build a house. Of course, he only had §18,500 with which to build it, so he opted to first get a job, then build.

Yes, he was going to serve his fellow Sims in the military. The ultimate goal: the rank of an officer. A time-honored role in the community, his athletic aspirations would serve him well in his future endeavor as a member of the armed services. The only drawback, a daily commute to Strangerville. Yes, the people there were quite odd, but that wasn’t Chase’s problem. As a recruit, he had one thing on his mind: to get to the gym. A quick session on the exercise machine would net him a nice little bonus.

After a gym adventure, Chase returns to Pebble Burrow to build a house. It isn’t the prettiest house on the block, but it has four walls, a bed, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. And he still has a little over §1,100 remaining, so at least he can eat. “Over time this will become a show place. Until then, it’s my humble abode.”

Tomorrow he starts work. Tonight, it’s time to eat dinner and relax.

Published by Chrinnie

Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

6 thoughts on “1.01: The Chase Begins

    1. Well, considering I didn’t reduce his cash, you can build a decent house with the starting funds. Overall, I haven’t shown the inside, but it’s fully functional with an open-air concept except, of course, for the bathroom because no one needs that kind of “open air” design LOL

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