1.02: A House is a Home

When we last left our hero, he was getting ready to enter the house and enjoy his new digs. Here’s a quick house tour from the top down

He hopes to eventually landscape, but in this desert heat, it may be harder than it looks to keep it lush and green.  Perhaps he’ll look into decking out the yard with things that are natural to the desert.  Just as he was settling in to watch TV, his neighbor, Johnny Zest, stopped by for a quick meet and greet (sans fruitcake).  

Whatever they got to talking about, it was a pleasant conversation and they even told a few jokes.  Now it’s time for Chase to sleep because work beckons first thing in the morning.

But first, a small annoyance needs to be dealt with…


What a great day of work for our boy, Chase!  On his first day, too!  Chase is a go-getter, isn’t he! 

He set off to explore the neighborhood around him and found plants growing in the wild

Carrots, Lemons, Strawberries, Daisies, and Sage.  Now why spend money on landscaping when you can have a garden in your front yard for free?

And by the end of the week not only was Chase raking in nearly a grand from selling his fruits, flowers, and vegetables, but he was also promoted to a Lacking Corporal!  Good job, Chase!

Of course, all work and no play will make Chase a dull boy, so tomorrow’s adventure is to go out on the town.

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Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

4 thoughts on “1.02: A House is a Home

    1. It’s too bad house painter isn’t a Sims 4 job. As you said, I agree that Levi would be a lock for it! 😀 The concept for the starter came from a YT vid I saw a month ago. It’s not quite the same build, but the basics are the same.


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