1.03: Sweet Talkin’

Saturday night and all is boring. The most exciting thing to happen to Chase in the last day was getting new shades for his windows. Not that he minded peepers. He had nothing to be ashamed of, but still… this is a PG-rated story.

A brief phone call about some weirdly distant relative dying brought a surprise. Apparently, this relative wanted to leave him some money. Of course Chase, being unwilling to just take people at their word, asked what the catch was.

A cool 2,500 in cash in his pocket was his reward for being diligent and asking the right questions. The cash was nice, but after a long week of working and gardening and working out, he needed something different.

What Chase really needed was a night out. Being new to Oasis Springs meant checking out the local nightlife. He knew there were two places: The Solar Flare and the Rattlesnake Bar. He opted for the Rattlesnake. If only because the name sounded cool.

While there, he met up with a rather gregarious person named Darrel Charm.

He would’ve also tried to be friendly with the bartender, but there was just something about Lilith that didn’t quite feel right to him. Of course, there wasn’t a shortage of patrons at the bar. And a lovely young lady named Moira Fyres entered and joined in on the conversation.

After a while, though, he realized that he needed to try another place because, no matter how polite and friendly Lilith, Darrel, and Moira were, none of them seemed to be single or his type. So he headed out of town to Willow Creek and The Blue Velvet.

And it was there that his fortune’s turned for the better.

A lady named Candy Behr took a seat beside him and the pair began a wonderful conversation. He asked about her day, she told him a funny joke. He bought her a drink, she asked about his career. It was a great conversation…..

….a really great conversation….

….a conversation for the ages….

… oh my…

…hey! slow down there, Chase!!!

Oh well, good thing he bought some shades.

Published by Chrinnie

Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

4 thoughts on “1.03: Sweet Talkin’

  1. Wow, that was quick…lol! But that “is” the Sims. They like to move things along pretty fast. Good for Chase, though. I don’t think he has a big hobby yet, does he? Candy better not be his hobby. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh, no idea if Candy will be his hobby or not. Gardening and exercise are his hobbies right now because he needs money for the house and muscle for the military. Perhaps Candy is just… desert? 😛


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