1.05: Renovations and Additions

With the coming of a new baby, Chase knew one thing: the house wasn’t big enough.  One bedroom (without walls) wasn’t going to cut it.  Eventually the child was going to need his or her own room, so Chase got to work building.  He took a bit of inspiration from the homes nearby that seemed to have that mid-century feel and opted to redesign the exterior, expand the main living space, and give baby Stoddard his or her own area.

“Now that’s a nice house,” Chase thought as he stood back and admired his new digs.  Even Candy had to admit it had a certain modern charm.

The renovations did cost them most of their savings, so while Chase wanted to finally be done with the task of gardening, he knew he needed to keep it up so that he could refill the household funds.

Unfortunately, Summer came to Oasis Springs and some of the plants were now out of season.  Best laid plans, right?

And on the first day of summer his true love gave to him?  A wake-up call on a Sunday that she was about to give birth to a child.

Off to the hospital before he could even think about anything else.  Candy checked in while Chase decided to run off somewhere.  Once she was checked in, he took a seat in the delivery room.  Everyone’s nervous about their first kid, but Chase seemed to be taking it in stride.

Then, the glorious moment arrived….

…Candy and Chase, meet your new baby…..

…. a son called Daniel.

And Chase was never happier.

Published by Chrinnie

Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

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