1.06: The Daily Grind

As some may have read, I’m using MC Command Center to help keep the world populated.  The problem I’m having is there’s a lot of babies being born and not a lot of marriages.  I think MCCC has taken the Don Lothario type and applied it to just about every single male sim in the game! LOL.  So I’ve had to adjust the pregnancy checks to 0 times a week.  We’ll let it move in new randomly-generated sims, but I don’t need every single male townie created by EA to impregnate every single female townie created by EA.

With that out of the way, Candy decided it was time to practice some more guitar.  Since she’s an Open Mic Seeker, that’s part of her daily routine. While doing that, Chase opted to work out.  

Then he needed to spar with others and Candy, before she had to go to work, volunteered to make that happen.  The great thing about it, she’s pretty nimble for someone with a level 1 fitness aspiration against someone with a level 7.

Of course, no matter what it might look like to the neighbors, the sparring was in good fun and, as always, a hug at the end to signify it was all practice.

As Candy had to be in work in an hour, Daniel started to cry.  Oh boy, dirty diaper.  Since Candy was hungry, Chase went in and changed the diaper and also gave the baby his bottle.  Better to kill two birds with one stone, he supposed.

He also took the remainder of his Sunday to add a small porch to the back of the house.  He wasn’t certain he liked the way it looked, but it added something to the house.  He also decided to name the property Twin Palms on account of the two desert palms growing in the back corner of the yard.  One day, he hoped to fill that yard with a pool and a grill and all the thrills of outside enjoyment.  While still lower on the military ladder, he just had to bide his time and wait for enough of a promotion that he could afford all these lavish things without breaking the bank.

It was also time to sort out the garden.  With Chase working and Candy working, Chase didn’t need to spend hours tending a garden, so he eliminated most of it leaving the sage bushes and lemon trees.  Soon, he’d have proper landscaping.  He’d have not just a house, but a show place.  A place where Candy and him could raise Daniel and, potentially, any other children they might have.  A place where after Chase and Candy have passed that perhaps Daniel would raise his family.  

Chase was particularly happy about the fact that his fitness and gardening skills were pretty high.  His cooking skill was getting better, but the rest of his skills needed work.  Especially Charisma.  With the baby happy and sleeping, he decided to practice speeches in the bedroom mirror.

After reaching Level 2, he opted to get some food since he was hungry, then returned to the mirror to practice speeches.  He wanted to get a high skill set in Charisma because he wanted to be an officer and he knew you needed to have some Charisma to make it in that advanced career field.  Speaking of his job, he job performance was in the excellent category, so the hope was that on Monday he could finally score a promotion.  A few extra dollars an hour will never hurt.

Candy came home with big news!  She was promoted to C-Lister and got a nice little bonus!  Right home from work, she fed Daniel and both Chase and Candy fell asleep.

Daniel was not fussy all night.  Wonder how long that will last?

Monday was Rebate Day, and the man who loved to improve his home decided he needed to buy something for the day.  So he got a decent microwave.  Now they could have microwaved quick meals if time was running short before work.

Candy opted to get a stand-up microphone to practice telling jokes because her newly-promoted position also required skill in comedy.  Also, she could practice her singing while Chase was at work.  And, shall we say, she needs all the practice at both she can muster.  Thankfully, she hit her target for Level 2 in Comedy and was now practicing her guitar skill.

Of course, Daniel began to make a fuss while she was doing all this.  He wanted to be fed, then an hour later, he needed to be changed.  Then he wanted attention.  Poor Candy, she wasn’t able to practice in a solid block, so it took hours before she finally completed her daily at-home task.  Maybe Daniel didn’t like her playing?  Everyone’s a critic, ya know!

Once Daniel was happy again, she went outside to harvest the sage and lemons.  The new bills had arrived.  838 simoleons!  Holy wow!  So, she paid those and then waited for Chase to come home.  And he came home with a promotion to Warrant Officer and a bonus!

Then he and Candy worked out before dinner.  Chase was pretty happy right now, but this weekend he wanted to do something special.  He wanted to take Candy out.  Now he just needed to decide where.



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2 thoughts on “1.06: The Daily Grind

  1. Thankfully Levi’s bills aren’t that high. Wait til Daniel becomes a toddler and Chase gets to spend all his hard earned simoleons on toddler stuff. 😀

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