1.08: Achievement Unlocked

It should be noted that days are passing between each of my post in Chase’s life. This isn’t a one-day-at-a-time approach. With long lifespan on, I didn’t want to get bogged down with hundreds of post per generation. That being said, we’re still pretty young overall. I’ll include the ages at the end of this post.

Children grow, parents age, this is the normal process of life.  Toddlers learn, parents earn, this is how it must be.  Struggle today, freedom tomorrow.  It’s an endless pursuit of a dream that, one day, Chase’s son will have a better life than him.  No matter what Chase does today, everything is devoted to ensuring Daniel’s life will be as great as possible. Yet, even with this altruistic approach, Chase has his own personal goal.  That is to become a bodybuilder.  And today, while working out in the living room, he finally completed that milestone.

A sense of accomplishment abounds in Chase’s being, but not a sense of finality.  No, the time has come to pursue yet another goal: fabulously wealthy. 

Our Hero is a level 7 gardener and, with the amount of satisfaction points he’s earned, he opts to splurge on one big purchase: a plant that should help him achieve his goals.  No, this isn’t cheating.  The Money Tree Seed was earned through long, hard hours devoted to completing a goal, doing nothing but eating, sleeping, working, striving to get to this point.  And this is the reward.  Let us hope he can keep it alive.

Chase was also promoted to Courageous Captain today.  He’s getting high up the ladder now.  Candy isn’t far behind him as she also gained a promotion to Serious Musician.  In fact, because of her advancing career, Candy has been writing jingles to help supplement the family income.  Not all jingles sell, not all sell for as much, but extra money is certainly handy to have.

Chase has also been busy…

…because in this Sim’s life…

…thing breaks…

… or get dirty…

…quite often.

And Daniel needs attention…

…and to learn.

So much to do, so little time.  

Though something is up….

….oh my….


Chase: Young Adult: 27/94 Days
Candy: Young Adult: 21/94 Days
Daniel: Toddler: 10/32 Days

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Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

2 thoughts on “1.08: Achievement Unlocked

    1. Well, I mean if things didn’t break constantly in TS4, what else would a sim do outside of work and woohoo? LOL And yes, another nooboo is on its way. Kind of excited as this was another case of risky woohoo achieving this result. I like it because with the risky level set on the lower end, it feels kind of natural and I love the surprise of finding out that this time we had a fast swimmer LOL. I haven’t used “Try for Baby” yet LOL


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