1.09: Oh Dear…

Daniel’s getting so big, so it’s time for him to get a haircut and a new wardrobe.  Oh yes, he will be one well-dressed kiddo.

Weekend in Oasis Springs and everything is breaking.  

So Chase decides to upgrade a few things…

Only to have a few others break…

It’s a never-ending cycle, apparently.  

Candy was promoted to Professional Musician, a handy promotion indeed.  With the keyboard always seeming to be breaking, it was nice that the gift she got was a piano.  Unfortunately, at the moment, the house isn’t quite big enough to fit it, so it’ll have to stay in the inventory… for now.  Still, she did take out the trophy she earned and the stereo she was given from earlier promotions.  That should make the house feel a little more decorated.

The time had come for both Candy and Chase to talk about the house.  He finally told her about his plans for a dream home.  A mid-century style mansion, of sorts, with a big pool and several bedrooms and bathrooms and a dedicated home gym and a big dining room and kitchen and all the fine furniture he wanted to put in it.

Candy enjoyed the conversation, it seemed.  Of course, she knew that kind of house was far, far, far away from affordable, but it was sweet that Chase was a dreamer in some regards.  It was better to listen to him talk about his dream home than listen to him try to practice on her guitar and keyboard.  He really needs to get better at that.

As Sunday rolled in, so did the Fall season.  A time for changeable weather, but in Oasis Springs, one could be assured of a usually sunny sky and even comfortably warm temperatures much of the year.  Monday passed by without much of a hitch.  

Then came Tuesday….

….and time for the nooboo to arrive in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel,  meet your brother Ethan….






…and your other new brother, Evan!

Nothing like unexpected twins to make you rethink your entire future plans!

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7 thoughts on “1.09: Oh Dear…

    1. Gotta love it when The Sims drops twins on you without warning. I mean I could’ve looked via MCCC, but I didn’t really want to know if it was a boy or a girl….. at least it could’ve given me one of each. Now we’re four guys and one girl until birth. Perhaps next time I have Candy listen to Pop music and eat strawberries.

      Two babies that will become two toddlers… on long life span… while another kid is still a toddler…. somebody give me a bottle of juice, quick! LOL

      I’m already building the dream home in another save. I just finished the shell and I want to do the inside next. Though, something tells me I may have to adjust the shell as I go along. And this one uses MOO a bit more than I’m used to, but I think it does it to good effect.


      1. I’m not going to do any pregnancy tests in Plain ol’ Legacy. I want the surprises to co e with Eating for Two notifications…lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, she woke up holding her stomach, feeling sick, and a thought bubble with a pacifier displayed… so I didn’t technically need the test to figure it out LOL.


      3. I… don’t know. I’ve never gone without one LOL. I would expect that the child will still be born on time. Now you got me curious. I may have to start a new save to see!


      4. I think you’re right, after reviewing the net. I think it takes 24 hours after the conception in TS4 without a pregnancy test for the Eating for Two moodlet to appear on its own. I think it does delay childbirth a day?


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