1.10: #Twinning

Two babies were, as anyone who raised twins would know, a trial in patience for parents.  With one baby, you hear it cry, you tend to it, you go back to sleep.  With two, you realize that they’re both not on the same schedule and just because all’s quiet for a minute or two doesn’t mean that quiet will last long.  Chase and Candy somehow managed to make it work.  Chase would take the first cry, Candy the next, so forth and so on.  

At least Daniel was willing to help keep his new brother’s company

Speaking of Daniel, he’s managed to rank up all his skills.  Level 5 across the board, except potty which tops out at Level 3.

Things still broke….

…and they were repaired.

Chase finally got around to upgrading all the faucets in the house, so the hope was that nothing else would break down.   At least for now.  Soon, he hoped to install self cleaning in all the fixtures.

With the fact that nothing was supposed to break…. He opted to get a woodworking bench to help build handiness.

And he wasted very little time in getting started with crafting things.  He made a wall hanging and a dragon statue.

Of course, something else really happy was born today…

… the Money Tree has matured.

And it was now hoped that the Stoddard Family would see its financial outlook soar to the stars.  You never know when another little one might appear.  Hopefully, not before the twins make their want to… well, teenage years…  lol
Even with sleepless nights and days where neither Candy nor Chase had much energy to do their day jobs,  they never forgot the most important thing in their lives: their love for each other and their kids.

And as I write this, we flip over to 2021 here in Philadelphia and I’d like to wish all my readers a very safe and happy New Year!

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Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

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