1.11: The Makeover

The morning started as most mornings do: with Ethan and Evan wanting breakfast.

After feeding the twins, Candy wanted to make breakfast, but Daniel had a whim to ask Candy to play with him, so he waddled himself to her in the kitchen.  She smiled at him and picked up the little scamp and began to play with him.

Of course, just as usual, Ethan started crying the moment anyone paid attention to Candy.  He had good reason, he couldn’t change his own diaper, but he seems to be the most vocal of the twin boys.  Evan, on the other hand, is less fussy all the time. 

After play time, Candy cooked breakfast.  Pancakes for a Sunday morning!  Nothing like a nice family breakfast on a weekend day!

When breakfast was over, Chase went to wash the dishes.  As he walked away to use the restroom…..

…. so he had to fix that.  And he just upgraded the faucets, too!  Little stinker!  Now he’s going to be on a quest to upgrade that sink until no more upgrades can be added!

Then Daniel needed a bath, so Chase took him off to the bathroom for a bubble bath!

Meanwhile, Candy practiced her piano skill.  She needs to get it Level 6 before she’s eligible for another promotion at work.  Daniel, fresh from his bubble bath, pulled out the leftover pancakes he had in his inventory and finished them off while Candy practiced.

Chase, on the other hand, was concerned  about the fact the twins were closing in on toddlerhood and wanted to expand the house.   So he got to work building and the new house looks like this….

He added a room for the twins, created a hallway between Daniel’s room and the bathroom, expanded the bathroom.  He then expanded the side of the house with the bedroom to give the kids the same sized bedrooms.  This, of course, had the added bonus of giving Chase and Candy extra room in their bedroom.  So Chase decided to put her musical instruments in the room and to set aside a small area for reading.  Then he installed bookshelves.

The problem was that to accommodate the new bathroom, the kitchen was going to lose a small amount of space. So he opted to remove the island counters and make a smaller kitchen/dining room combined.

The living room was rearranged and one sofa removed. He also got a slightly smaller television and sold the old one. With the extra money, he got a nice chess set.

Finally, he decided he wanted to do the one thing he had a whim to do: build a pool.  So he expanded the back patio, installed a nice pool and a small area for a grill along with a nice outdoor table and chair set.  At first he went with a picnic table, but it only sat 4 and he decided everyone should sit together. He then added a diving board to the pool and a small area at the far corner where he and Candy could relax and watch the kids dive off the diving board when they got older.  

The problem now is the lot is only so big, so future expansions–if needed–would have to move the front of the house closer to the street.  Hopefully, there wouldn’t be need for more expansion before Chase and Candy had saved up enough for the “dream house” that he has always wanted.

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3 thoughts on “1.11: The Makeover

  1. Wow. Very nice renovation. You’re a great builder.

    That’s a lot of pancakes for little Daniel. Hope he can eat them all. 😀 Looking forward to seeing the twins as toddlers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They should age up next chapter. It’s already Monday in my game. They age up on Wednesday, then Thursday is Harvestfest!

      As far as building, I’m okay at it. It’s functional, if not the prettiest.


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