1.12: Birthdays and Harvestfest

The great thing about having twin boys is they share the same birthday.  No matter how hard it’s been, nor how much sleep has been lost, one day they’d reach that day and Chase and Candy were ready for that day to arrive.  The last several days the twins were rather cranky at all hours.  It’s something that seems to happen to the Stoddard kids as they near toddlerhood.  So on Wednesday morning, Ethan and Evan aged up.

Turns out, we don’t have identical twins.  Ethan has blonde hair and Evan has red hair.  And his red hair is the same color as Chase’s.

Of course, Daniel couldn’t wait to hang out with his new toddler brothers.  They’d babble to him, he’d talk back to them.  It’s really cute, if you ask me.

Candy was promoted to Symphonic String Player and Chase was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.  Both were nearing the highest end of their careers and the family funds showed it.  That evening, Chase decided to work on some wood crafting and crafted a mirror, and end table, and a giant bear statue.

On Thursday, Harvestfest rolled into town and the first thing Chase did was decorate the house.

Then he helped Candy potty train the twins.  

Of course, it wouldn’t be Harvestfest without random gnomes appearing wanting to be appeased.  Candy took the first choice and gave the gnome a pie.  He was pleased.

Chase found another one and, like Candy, gave him a pie as well.  He, too, was pleased.

Then Chase went to cook the grand meal.  Candy decided she wanted to explore the chess table while Daniel, Ethan, and Evan sat on the couch just chatting away with each other.

Chase rang the bell and all were called to the grand ham dinner that he’d prepared.  Everyone went into the living room.  Candy put the Kids Network on and everyone but Daniel sat there on the sofas and watched.  Daniel seemed perfectly happy playing with his food sitting next to the chess table.

After dinner, Daniel, Ethan, and Evan had a big brotherly love fest with hugs all around.  These are the moments that make a Sim parent feel fulfilled.

However, after all the food and hugs and babbling, the kiddos needed a good night’s sleep.


And while the kids were sleeping, Chase showed Candy just how thankful he was that she was his wife.

Don’t worry, the test came back negative.  However, Candy was beginning to think she wanted a daughter.  She just needed to find the right time to tell Chase she wanted one more kid.  Perhaps tonight was not the night.

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8 thoughts on “1.12: Birthdays and Harvestfest

  1. Such adorable toddlers. I have summer season to get through before fall. That’s the harvestfest time, right?


    1. I got two redheads and a blonde. IF there are any more kids, since those are also Chase and Candy’s hair colors, I doubt I’ll get a dark-haired one in Generation 2. We’ll have to see what happens later on when they start having kids. And the kids did turn out really cute. I am glad about that!

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