1.13: A Conversation

“What if,” Candy said, “we had a daughter?”

“That would’ve been cool,” Chase said.  “I love the boys, but I wouldn’t have cared if any of them were girls.”

“Suppose I told you that I really wanted a daughter?” Candy said sheepishly.  “And that I wanted to try for a girl?”

Chase paused.  This was a new question.  A different type of question.  Not a hypothetical question, either.  Immediately, he had flashes of yet another child in the house.  He thought about having to redo the entire house again, probably having to add a second floor.  He thought about having to stand guard at the front door as his teenage daughter was brought home by some teenage boy.  He thought about the financial implications of yet another child.  He thought about the dream home that was beginning to slowly become something they could afford and how another kid would push that dream farther down the road.

He also thought about how much courage it must have taken Candy to just come right out and ask that question. How important it must be to her to come right out and ask it at the breakfast table.  How much desire she had to have in her soul for a daughter to bring it up while the boys were still toddlers.

“You know what,” Chase said, “if it’s what you want, then I say let’s try.”

Candy smiled brightly across the table at Chase.  “Are you sure?”

“No, but is anyone ever sure about having kids?  We have three already.  We have everything we need for more.  If you really want a daughter, how can I say no?  Besides, it means we’re gonna have to try and, well, I’m always ready for that.  Just know that I can’t promise you a girl.  I mean, I’ll try, but….”

“I get it, Chase,” Candy said.  She stood up, walked over to him and gave him a big kiss.

“Just one question,” Chase said.  “What happens if we have yet another boy? Will you want to try again?”

Candy sighed, “then that means we have four boys and no girls.  Though, I hear there’s a way we can try to influence that.  We have strawberries.  We have pop music on the radio.  I mean, it’s worth a shot.”

“Well, at least one thing is true: we’ll have a lot of fun trying.”

Published by Chrinnie

Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

7 thoughts on “1.13: A Conversation

    1. It does, but it also means a lot of fun trying to see which one might be deserving of it. Who knows if they’ll have another kid, first off. Secondly, who knows if it’ll be a girl. Finally, who knows if I wind up picking Daniel or not? LOL These questions and more will be answered as the Simmer Sims!

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    1. That would be so TS4 to give me multiple nooboos again. Still, it’s not a regular occurrence in my experience. Though it does happen more often than I think the actual real life chances are.

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