1.14: The World Is Crazy

MC Command Center has a function in which you can set it to do marriage and pregnancy checks. This allows MCCC to have the townies intermingle and continue to create more townies the way nature intended versus the game just always randomly generating them. So I opened up the save and started to tour through the various households in the game to give you, the readers, a lay of the land.

The most interesting things I found were Akira Kibo fathered a child with Liberty Lee and Summer Holiday. Summer Holiday has another kid, this one with Malcolm Landgraab. Not to be outdone, Cassandra Goth has two kids: one by Gunther Munch and one by Travis Scott. Don Lothario has a kid with Darling Walsh and a kid with Luna Villareal. Dina Caliente has a kid by Johnny Zest and that makes her seem wholesome to me LOL. Nina, not to be outdone, has a daughter with Paolo Rocca and a son from Izzy Famous. As you can see, there’s bedlam and chaos reigning in this current Sims world and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have looked into the other households yet, but I expect more of the same. At least there are a lot of townies being born to keep it interesting.

Yet in the household of Chase Stoddard, there’s only one man and one woman together producing children. No weirdly paired matches made at the whim of an AI, but a loving, caring, nurturing relationship that has produced three of the cutest kids I’ve seen in a while.

Chase did go out and buy the kids some new toys. This was because they needed something more than just the Wabbit Tablet and Blarffy.

Daniel wanted to build a sand castle with Chase.

And of course dinner time wouldn’t be complete without everyone sitting on the couches to eat. Of course, the toddlers were busy babbling and chatting while Chase and Candy went about eating. It was a nice, pleasant atmosphere.

Then came the Stoddard Children’s Dance House!

After the kids went to bed, Chase opted to give the pool a try. A nice dive, Chase!

Meanwhile, needing to get to Level 8 in the piano skill, Candy went to practice her music.

Then, it came time to see if Chase could find it within himself to help Candy have a daughter.

Not pregnant yet.

One thing that Chase thought might help was a vacation, so this weekend he was packing the family up and taking them to a little vacation spot in Sulani. However, until then, the grind continues.

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5 thoughts on “1.14: The World Is Crazy

    1. Stoddard Dance Party coming to SimTV fall 2021! LOL And yes, the townies all seem to be knocking boots together. So many half siblings running around there that I fear the only folks they can have kids with will be my legacy family LOL


  1. I love seeing which townies end up together / having kids via MCCC, it’s always a lot of fun (and chaos)!

    All three toddlers remain super cute. I hope the family’s upcoming vacation will be conducive to a baby girl appearing soon enough 😀


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