1.15: Sulani Time

The day before the family decided to spend a day in Sulani, Chase decided to clean out his inventory.  There were two seed packets from Harvestfest still in his stash, so he sold those.  Unfortunately, immediately thereafter…..

…. but he put it out quickly.

Then, the morning came and off to Sulani!

It was a typical winter’s day in Sulani: still warm, but not hot.  

The first thing to do was let the kids explore. First, there were sandcastles to build.

And an ocean to play in….

Except for Ethan.  He wanted to go into the kiddie pool.

With Chase watching after the kids, Candy opted for a nice, relaxing float on a giant slice of pizza.

Of course, the kids got tired fast and the boys went for a nice nap.

Chase took the opportunity to work on his tan.

Candy made dinner and everyone enjoyed a nice meal.

Then, after the boys went to bed, the feeling of vacation overtook Chase.   And he and Candy…

…spent time together.


Looks like they’re gonna need a bigger house!

Tomorrow is a new day.  In fact, tomorrow is a big day.  Daniel becomes a child tomorrow!

Published by Chrinnie

Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

7 thoughts on “1.15: Sulani Time

  1. Yay, Candy did get pregnant on vacation! Fingers crossed for a girl this time 😀 Looks like everyone, kids included, had a great holiday in Sulani.

    Is that their bed that caught on fire? How does that even happen? 😮

    Liked by 1 person

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