1.16: Party Time

Back home from the sunny shores of Sulani, Sunday brought with it Daniel’s birthday. Chase opted to host a party. While he hired people to entertain and cook, none of them showed, so chase decided he needed to take matters into his own hands.

Nothing says toddler birthday like a hamburger cake!

Once he put the candles on, he grabbed Daniel and brought him over to the cake. With a big breath Daniel huffed and….

…. he entered his childhood.

Gone are the carefree days of toddlerhood when he could sit around and babble or play with toys without a care in the world. No, his world now revolves around homework and school and playing with toys in his off time. His childhood aspiration is Motor Skill and his childhood trait is Active.

Of course, being a child means that none of his toddler furniture was needed. Off to storage it went (to be saved for the bun in the oven) and his room was given a complete makeover.

During the party, they ate the cake, told jokes, played games, and complimented the birthday boy. Unfortunately, this particular party ranked a silver medal, so a reward of balloons was placed in the inventory.

After the party, Ethan and Evan went to go play with their toys.

Candy decided to write a jingle.

Daniel decided to work on his chess game.

And Chase decided it was time to exercise. Gotta keep healthy even if you’re maxed out in the fitness skill.

Time was moving quickly for the Stoddard Family. Today Daniel aged up, in a little more than 24 hours a new baby would be in the house, and on Friday Ethan and Evan were due to age up.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Published by Chrinnie

Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

2 thoughts on “1.16: Party Time

    1. Once Daniel becomes a teen, though. Children can’t work out. And I am amazed at the similarities of looks. I’ll be interested to see what he looks like at teen because that’s when you know what the sim will really look like for most his life. I should have posted pics of his different outfits… oh well, there’s always next chapter 😛


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