1.17: Batting A Thousand

Monday morning. No one looks forward to a Monday morning. For most folks, it’s the start of a new week of work. For Daniel, it was the start of his first week at Landgraab Elementary School. Though, from his point of view, this was a good thing. A way to make more friends. A way to get out of the house and begin to feel what the world around him was like. Unfortunately, school is a rabbit hole in this world, so we can only imagine the days he will have as life moves forward.

After a good breakfast, Daniel enjoyed something new: a conversation with his parents. Toddlers can talk, yes. As a child, though, he can now hold actual conversations, process more complex thoughts, and, most of all, feed himself without having to ask for food.

“Hey, Daniel!” Chase said.
“Yeah, Dad?” Daniel replied.
“I’m gonna give you all my dead batteries free of charge.” Chase said with a smile.

Okay, so Dad’s gotta Dad Joke. This also means not all conversations will challenge Daniel’s intellect, but at least they all have a good laugh—and a slight groan.

The time came for Daniel to head off to school. Ethan and Evan finally woke up after a good night’s sleep. They weren’t just hungry, they were hangry so Candy decided to eat some more breakfast while the twins entertained themselves with a conversation about toys.

“The kitty is the best!” Ethan said. “It meows! It walks! It’s funny!”
“I love the helicopter. Chooka chooka chooka!” Evan laughed.
“That sounds like a choo choo train,” Candy said with a smile.
“No!” Evan protested. “Choo choo’s go choo choo, mommy!”

Leave it to toddlers to break it down to real life facts. Though, after breakfast, the twins needed a potty break, then they whipped out their Wabbit Tablets to Draw with Llama. Their birthdays are on Friday and they’re trying to get those skills up to their highest levels before then.

With the twins busy with their tablets, Candy took the opportunity to practice her guitar skills. She needs to reach level 10 piano and level 8 guitar for her next promotion. She’s got some work ahead of her.

Then she decided to have some more fun working out her latest chess moves.

3PM hit and Daniel’s school day was done. He felt great about his first day thinking that he would rate is a 10/10 if they had Yelp reviews. Of course, the biggest and most important thing he can do right now is homework.

While no one loves doing school work at home, it reinforced the day’s lessons and helps Daniel get smarter. Besides, he knew if he did his homework as soon as he got home, there would be more time for fun later on.

Chase came home from work with a big announcement: He’d be promoted.

Almost at the top of his career. He was so proud. He came home and just had to tell the first person he saw.

“Wow, a general?!” Daniel said. “You’re like in charge of the army?”
“Not quite, but soon. Soon I will be the top dog,” Chase said with a bright smile.
“This is gonna mean so many new toys!” Daniel said with a chuckle.
“We’ll have to ask your mother about that, first. I don’t think she’d say no, but I don’t want to have to sleep on the couch for not asking her first.” Chase said.

What Chase really wanted, though, was to save up for the dream home. The plans were ready, everything was set to go. There were only two thing stopping it from happening: the money and the land. Though he had it on good authority that someone in Oasis Springs with a nice big lot was thinking of selling. So the dream was soon to come to fruition.

The twins went to bed, shortly followed by Daniel. Chase, taking advantage of the quiet in the house, decided it would be nice to spend some quality time with Candy.

“Care for a back rub?” he asked.
“Oh my god, yes!” she exclaimed.

The next morning things moved just the same as Monday morning. Though on Tuesday, Daniel’s first day of chores, saw him having to wash the dishes. It helps build responsibility.

Then Chase’s calendar reminded him of the fact that there was a big day coming up on Wednesday

Looks like those new toys would be coming much sooner rather than later.

While at school, Daniel was presented a problem.

He was upset, of course, that his new friend would forget to invite Daniel to his birthday party, but Daniel shrugged it off. He decided to let it go. He didn’t want to ruffle any feathers being so new to school.

He should’ve probably asked his friend directly. Now, he feared there would be hurt feelings. But, this is part of growing up. Learning how to deal with problems as they arise. It’s okay, Daniel, you’re still young. You have time to learn the ways of polite society.

Day 3 of pregnancy, Candy was busy trying to eat as many strawberries as possible and listen to as much pop music as possible. For the last few days, she’d eaten so many strawberries that she didn’t want to see another one for a few years. And there’s only so much Taylor Swift you can take in a 24-hour period.

After coming home, Daniel decided to hang out with his brothers while he did his homework.

While the twins played and Daniel worked through his homework….. Candy finally went into labor.. while at work!

And then the birth of their beloved daughter would soon happen…

….or not.

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