1.18: Winterfest

Wednesday say the arrival of Winterfest. To say that the Stoddard Residence was ready is an understatement.

The morning came at 5 am when Franklin decided he needed some attention. So Chase decided to cuddle him, then rock him, then make silly faces until he calmed down.

Once everyone was awake, the time came to open the presents! Who doesn’t like that part of Winterfest?

Then everyone got together to sing a few Winterfest songs.

Daniel even went to wish his new brother a Happy Winterfest.

Chase then decided to head into the kitchen to make the Grand Meal. A nice, wonderful turkey dinner. Mmmmm.

And it was delicious!

Later that evening Father Winter showed up and the toddlers lined up to ask for presents.

Of course, Daniel wanted one too!

After everyone got a present, Chase and Candy sat down with Father Winter to talk, mostly about how happy they were that he showed up.

Then, Chase and Candy decided to spend a quiet evening alone after the kiddos went to sleep.

The week doesn’t get any less busy, though. On Friday Ethan and Evan become children and Franklin becomes a toddler. The problem is that there’s only three bedrooms in the house. So Ethan and Evan will have to make room for Franklin in their room until the dream house can be moved into.

Speaking of the Dream Home, Chase was very happy to report to Candy a certain big announcement the next morning.

“The land is ready. The house is being built. We just need to wait until it’s finished before we can move. I made sure it had 5 bedrooms, Candy. One for each kid. It has 2 bathrooms, though. There’s a third in the pool house.”

“Pool house?” Candy asked.

“Oh yeah. I mean, we have a small pool here. The dream home has a much bigger pool. You’re gonna love it.”

“I hope so. 230,000 Simoleons is a lot of money.” Candy said.

“It is, but we’ll never need another house again.”

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2 thoughts on “1.18: Winterfest

    1. Chase got a Crisponex Ultragreat with delux crisper. Candy got a Porkelain Pal (a pig statue), Daniel got a BooBoo Billy Doctor Playset. Ethan got a Citrine. Evan got a Fossilized Egg. Father Winter not always on point, but the toddlers didn’t seem to mind. I honestly this fridge is better than the one the house has, so I will replace it. Everything else will be on display in the next chapter.


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