1.19: Cake Day x3

An uneventful Thursday gave way to an eventful Friday. First, Franklin aged up to a toddler.

Then the twins, Ethan and Evan, both aged up to children.

And of course this meant cake. Everyone have cake! It’s a cake day!

This meant having to upgrade the beds for both Ethan and Evan while making sure that Franklin had his own bed to sleep in. Chase thought long and hard about making Daniel share his room with one of his brothers, but he didn’t want to break up the twins who’d become good friends with each other, so he decided to squeeze Franklin into the twins’ room for now. The house wasn’t going to be changed or upgraded. He needed to save everything to have the Dream Home. So while the twins may not be thrilled with the new arrangement, they’ll have to live with it for a little while.


Since Ethan and Evan aged up on a Friday, they won’t have school until Monday. Though Chase still made them do their homework. Better to get it out of the way than leave it for another day.

Of course, when a toddler ages up to a child, they can get a skill and a trait.

For Ethan:

For Evan:

Since Ethan was a creative, just like his mother, Chase got him this really cool activity table. And it took all of one second for Ethan to settle down at the table and start making drawings.

And since tomorrow was New Year’s Eve, he also made a nice Midnight Celebration decoration.

And then another drawing.

For Evan, being a whiz kid and a genius, he gravitated towards the chess table. He does need to play three games of chess.

Candy started the process of potty training Franklin. There’s something so cute about the way toddlers sit on the potty making that raspberry sound and giggling while they go.

Finally, Ethan finished drawing and sat down to play some chess with Evan.

Though, you have to watch Evan, apparently!

Daniel had an issue pop up while he was at school. Apparently, his music teacher needed a volunteer. Should he volunteer for his music teacher or should he try to let the kid that really wanted to do it volunteer?

He decided to volunteer and, by all accounts, it was a very memorable performance.

At 3pm, Daniel came home with big news!

Like the good student he was, he sat outside on a rather okay Winter’s day in Oasis Springs to do his homework. Then he joined Ethan and Evan for an early meal because kids get hungry fast.

How nice of Ethan to do the dishes!

Chase came home after picking up Franklin at day care and the two sat down to eat and watch Daniel play Party Frenzy.

A nice day in the Stoddard Household.

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2 thoughts on “1.19: Cake Day x3

  1. Ethan is going to be a Painter Extraordinaire I think. 😀

    I just realized from your screenshot that child age, they stand on their tippy toes to do the dishes. You might want to invest in a dishwasher…or did you and he just wanted to wash his dirty dishes? lol


    1. You know, for some reason I keep forgetting there are dishwashers in TS4. Most of the time, I would just put the plates in the sink myself, but with kids needing to build responsibility, I’ve kind of dumped it off on them LOL


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