1.20: Out With The Auld

It’s the holiday season, at least in the Stoddard Legacy. With Winterfest a memory, New Year’s Eve came roaring into town. Obviously, this required decorations.

The main point of the holiday is midnight, but there’s a lot of hours in the day before that. With Evan wanting to be a whiz kid, he had to play three games of chess and read with an adult for 2 hours.

Chase was more than happy to read to Evan. And so the first part of Whiz Kid is now finished.

After the chess marathon, Daniel opted to deal with the school project he’d been sent home with. Nothing like a little extra credit to get the day rolling.

Ethan busied himself drawing. He needed to complete two drawing while inspired. Of course, he managed 4, but who’s counting!

And little Franklin glued himself to the Wabbit Tablet drawing with llama. The kid’s trying to max all his toddler skills as quick as he can.

Candy practiced her piano and guitar.

Everyone got hungry and, for perhaps the first time in this family’s existence, everyone who was able to sit around the dinner table actually sat around the dinner table. Except Chase, who was busy potty training Franklin.

Until the evening rolled around, then the group decided to start partying like it was a holiday. This meant the family dance party had to commence. Check out those moves!

And everyone made a resolution. Candy and Chase resolved to improve a skill while Daniel, Ethan, and Evan resolved to do better in school.

Of course, the most important thing to do on the day was watch the midnight countdown.

And everyone had a very happy New Year’s Eve.

The upcoming week has two big days: Thursday, when Franklin and Chase reach their cake day, and Saturday, when Daniel hits his cake day and enters his teens. This legacy went from slow roll to fast moving quick, fast, and in a hurry. Also, Chase almost has enough for the “Dream Home.” So perhaps next week that will also make an appearance. Stay tuned to find out!

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3 thoughts on “1.20: Out With The Auld

    1. I went back into the save and realized that by the time Daniel becomes a teen, they’ll be in the new house. Being high up in the military plus a money tree really really help LOL.

      It’s weird, now. I started in the Spring and now it’s Spring again in the legacy. I feel like it’s been quite an eventful in-game year LOL


      1. I started Plain ol’ Legacy in the Spring. Just towards the end of Summer. That’s why I like long lifespan and long seasons. Each Generation is going to be able to celebrate all the major holidays as (young) adults if all goes to plan.

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