Chapter 1.21: A Dream Realized

After checking with the bank and getting an assessment of the items in their current home, Chase and Candy decided today was the day to move into the new digs. The $230K (and change) home is now in Chase and Candy’s hands.

And now a word from our author:

Before we get into the pictures of the new digs, let me explain my inspiration. I am a huge Frank Sinatra fan. So I wanted to capture some of the charm from the house Sinatra had built in 1947 in Palm Springs, California. The estate, which is still in use as a rental for events, was originally planned to be a big, Georgian mansion with columns and red brick, but the architect that Sinatra went to thought that wouldn’t look right in the area, so he drew up a plan of a large, single-floor mansion, essentially, built in that mid-Century fashion. The estate is known as “Twin Palms” due to the fact that the land had two palm trees on it when Sinatra purchased it. In order to build his pool, Sinatra bought lot beside it.

I have attempted to, as much as I can in The Sims 4, recreate the basic look of the house. I have a YouTube video giving an overview of the real life house. I am not a great builder, so if it doesn’t look quite right, I do apologize. That being said, I do like how it turned out. As you can tell, I suck at landscaping! LOL

Or, if you don’t want to watch a video, you can see an overhead view of the RL house. It’s on the left with the orange map pin

And now… my version of it… to the best of my ability

Sims 3 Camera View from Across the street. The Twin Palms (which give it the name) almost clearly visible in the upper left
Ariel Rear Shot of the house complete with pool and pool house, which contains a large bathroom with multiple showers for after pool cleaning or if the 3 bathrooms inside are all busy.
View of the “pool house” with a nice outdoor nook. You can just see on the side of the nook a counter, which is where the barbecue is located.
A view of the barbecue area.
3/4 side view showcasing the iconic desert palms. Yes, you may recognize the lot as the Landgraab’s home lot. I moved them to a big Spanish colonial and build Chase’s home on their lot.
The very large swimming pool complete with diving platform and deck chairs. Note in the upper left you can see the master bedroom where Chase and Candy sleep.
An overhead view of the angled wing. On the far right is an activity room with a Don’t Wake The Llama set, a chess set, and a gaming mat. Off of the activity room is the third bathroom. The bedrooms from left to right belong to: Franklin, Daniel, Ethan, Evan. Notice at the first bend the second bathroom is tucked away.
The living room and formal dining room are in the same large, vaulted room. The grand piano was a career perk from Candy’s musical career. on the left you notice the Master Bathroom, which adjoins the Master Bedroom. There’s also a bar and a family kitchen complete with family dining table there. Note the breakfast counter for those trying to eat quick before school or work. There’s also a coffee nook complete with espresso machine by the windows, which you can just see past the breakfast counters.
Another shot with the kitchen and family dining room and coffee nook. You can also see the small home gym and side entrance which doubles as Chase’s woodworking room.
Top down view of the master bedroom which has its own door to the pool/patio area and it’s own master bathroom.
The master bathroom.

And now some shots of the interior. In order: kitchen, bar, coffee nook, side entrance/woodworking room, formal dining room, living room (three images), and, view of the pool.

I’m certain the Stoddard Family will enjoy this home for as long as they live.

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