1.22: School Shenanigans

Sunday rolled around and with the money that Chase and Candy had left, they opted to give the kids a few extra goodies to play with. First, Chase got them a set of monkey bars.

Part of Daniel’s motor skill objective was to play on a jungle gym, so why not get one of those as well? A nice pirate ship is exactly what’s needed in the middle of the desert! It wasn’t that the boys didn’t have enough toys to play with, but there was something special about something they could all do together. That’s how brothers should bond: playing pirates!

While it was Sunday, it was a pretty uneventful day. Daniel, Ethan, and Evan busied themselves doing activities needed to help move forward in their childhood aspirations. Then they needed to decompress and just have some fun. Chase, meanwhile, found his new hobby: Blick Block Enthusiast!

Daniel had a whim to cannonball into the pool.

Then a whim to back flip into the pool.

Ethan decided to play with some toys. He needed to play with three of them to help with his childhood aspiration, and since it was playing as well as achieving goals, he figured why not.

Evan had a whim to climb on the monkey bars.

And Franklin wanted to draw with Llama.

Monday rolled into town and it was rebate day! So Chase decided to get a water slide. Yes, they had a massive pool, but there was something fun about a warm Oasis Springs day and a water slide with all the kids taking their turns. It was a moment for Chase to think about life and how happy he was with Candy and the boys. Not to mention, it was something the whole family could enjoy

The first bills of the new house came due: 9,800 simoleons. Good lord. Thankfully, Candy and Chase both had good jobs, plus that money tree was really, really helpful.

Of course Monday was also a school day, so Daniel, Ethan, and Evan headed out to school. Evans day, however, started off on the wrong foot. He hadn’t been in school more than 20 minutes before Chase got a phone call from the teacher. Apparently, Evan has a crush on his teacher. Certainly not what Chase wanted to hear, so he had a choice to make in order to teach Evan a valuable life lesson.

A love letter to his teacher? It’s cute, but definitely inappropriate. Chase decided that it would be better if he talked to Evan about this stunt.

Then the principal came to visit Evan’s class, but some idiot was pelting Evan with spitballs. Evan wanted to turn around and tell the kid off, but he wanted to be on his best behavior in front of the principal. He wasn’t quite sure how to do it, so…

He decided to ignore the kid.

And the kid got what he deserved as far as Evan was concerned.

Then Daniel’s teacher called. Apparently Daniel drew an inappropriate drawing. “It looked like a….” a what? A turtle? A pirate? WHAT?! LOL

Candy decided that the teacher should take the drawing and punish him.

Good news, though! Daniel’s now an A student at Landgraab Elementary. Ethan and Evan are just ‘satisfactory.’ Though they’ll be better students in no time.

Unfortunately, my game started acting slow and weird, so I had to call it a night at that point.

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3 thoughts on “1.22: School Shenanigans

  1. Holy bills Batman! 😀

    I laughed at the last option for the love letter find. “Don’t punish love”? That shouldn’t even be an option. Especially for a child crushing on a teacher….lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I found it to be pretty overdramatic. “Love”?? The kid didn’t even send the letter. Was he even planning to? Why did the teachers go through a child’s desk and read stuff. Kind of indignant on the child’s behalf. Either way, I’d give him a talking to but I wouldn’t make a huge deal out of it.


    2. Certainly they’re high. The Sims team revamped the bills. I wasn’t expecting that, but it is what it is. Thankfully, they’re high enough in their careers (plus a special tree) to make it happen.

      And yes, it does seem a bit invasive to get upset about an unsent love note. LOL Puppy love is so fragile! 😀


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