1.23: A Happy Family

Monday in the Stoddard Family brought the normal, boring, daily grind of life.  Daniel, Ethan, and Evan went to school.  Chase went to work.  Candy was off, so she thought it would be fun to give little Franklin a bubble bath.

After school, the boys did their homework, but Daniel decided to do some extra credit as well.  Kind of confused why Ethan and Evan can’t do extra credit, but such is life.  They decided to eat while Daniel finished.

Chase came home from work and decided it was time to eat.  Daniel decided to join him.

“Hey dad, do you think I can use the water slide today?”

“It’s a bit chilly out there.  Supposed to be warmer tomorrow.  You can wait,” Chase said.

Evan decided to play a video game while Ethan decided to draw.  He needs to draw all five shapes as part of his childhood aspiration, so he needs to get to work.

After drawing, Ethan went into the activity room to play some BlickBlock.  I swear the sims really love them some BlickBlock.

After the kids went to bed, Chase decided he needed to release some tension and have some fun.  Following in the time-honored tradition of a parent telling a child to do something, then the parent not following his own advice, Chase decided it was time to test out the water slide.

He had some fun and really cool moves…

…though not every move was successful.  Though it was getting chilly out, so he decided to come inside.

The next day, Daniel was selected for a Class Interview.

He decided to try to crack a joke about the whole affair….

…unfortunately, that went down about as badly as you could imagine.

Candy went to work and found out she had double booked herself.  She had to choose between a moody starlet and a charity.

She opted for the charity.  It made her feel good and, honestly, it was the right thing.

Keeping his promise, Chase let Daniel play on the water slide.  And it appears that Daniel does have some slick skills in that department as well!

Later that night, when everyone was asleep, Chase and Candy got a little cozy…

…. look at that view from their room!

The next morning, Candy didn’t feel so good.  It was a familiar feeling

Yup, another nooboo.

“Chase, darling, my love?”

“Yes, my sexy sweetheart?”

“Remember how we wanted a girl, but we had another boy?”

“Uh, yeah?  What are you getting at?”

“Well, we might still have that girl after all.  Turns out, I’m pregnant!”

“Awww yibs!”  Chase shouted.  “We’ll need another bedroom.  We’ll have to expand the house, but maybe, just maybe we’ll finally have that girl we’ve always wanted.”

“We?” Candy joked.

“Well, I mean, it’s great having four boys.  I wouldn’t mind a fifth.  But, I know how much it means to you to have a daughter.  So I hope this time I sent the right soldier.”

“You’re a goon, but a hot goon, so I’ll let that one slide.  Guess I should tell the boys?”

And Candy did.  She found Ethan and Daniel in Daniel’s room and told them the news.  They were happy to hear the news! Unfortunately for Evan, the alarm went off and they all had to go to school.  Maybe one of the boys will tell Evan?  No matter, Candy will tell him when he comes home later.  

Now we only have to worry what Franklin will think. 

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5 thoughts on “1.23: A Happy Family

    1. Oh I hope so. I don’t like to peak with MC Pregnancy. I really, really want them to have a girl. Don’t know why, because I mostly prefer to sim with male sims… but I feel like after all this Candy needs a daughter!


    1. Gonna try it again. We’ll see how it goes. This time, I hope it’s a girl. I just feel like we need a girl! Also, I do play with Risky Woohoo. So any woohoo, even if it isn’t “Try for Baby” could result in a nooboo! LOL. Guess the odds were in their favor! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love how Chase is like ‘no Daniel, you can’t use the water slide because it’s too chilly’ and then Chase uses it himself 😀 Congrats on the new pregnancy. I hope they finally get the girl they want.


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