1.24: Busy Days

A cool, but sunny early Spring day unfolded in Oasis Springs. The Stoddard family, fresh from their slumber, busied themselves doing the morning routine. Breakfast, showers, bathroom visits, and finishing up last-minute homework (looking at you, Evan). At 8am, the boys went to school. Chase opted to visit the bathroom mirror and try to max out his Charisma skill.

And it worked. Top promotion will be right around the corner!

Of course, with it being Wednesday, that meant there was only one more day for Chase as a Young Adult and for Franklin as a toddler. Only Franklin’s communication skill was at level three. Every other skill was at level two. So he sat down and played with the Wabbit Tablet. Some Draw with Llama was in order.

Candy, in her first trimester, was still going about life as normal. First, she played her guitar. A wonderful sound of music filled the air. She could remember the firs time she picked it up and just how awful it sounded. Now, she was working her way through her skill. Soon, she would reach level 9.

Once she hit level 9, she sat down at the piano to tickle the ivories. In doing so, she finally maxed out her Piano skill. The last task to complete before she could look for another promotion.

Then the school called.

Evan had the Lunch of Sadness. His lunch was stolen. The principal called because he was at the office crying. Candy was incensed. How dare some little punk kid just rock up and steal Evan’s lunch. Did this kid know who he was messing with? Candy, pregnant and uncomfortable, wasn’t the least bit interested in diplomacy in this issue. She told the school to find the kid or she would.

Evan wasn’t the only one with troubles at school that day. Ethan was taking one of the copious standardized tests and somehow missed a bubble near the top of the test throwing off all of his following answers. A tragedy indeed. Of course, he had a choice…

…he opted to confess the mistake. Though, the teacher was less-than-thrilled at this brave act of honesty from a scared child. She told Daniel off for the careless mistake and made him miss his recess to retake the test.

Poor Ethan. He didn’t care about the test and just filled in a pretty pattern instead. Who knows, though, maybe he got lucky?

Then after the lunch phone call, while in the lunchroom, Evan was sitting next to the new kid, probably complaining about his day, when he noticed something strange in the new kid’s lunch bag.

Evan played it cool and just ignored it.

Maybe he got a new friend from the deal?!

Candy went to work and an hour later the boys came home from school. Always and immediately the first chore was to do their homework. There were no questions about this rule, especially with the fact that Ethan and Evan weren’t as good students as Daniel.

Homework sure can make a kid hungry, especially Evan after his lunch fiasco, so they finished off the leftover grilled cheese while telling jokes to each other.

Daniel then opted to practice typing. He was getting so close to finishing his childhood aspiration, he couldn’t wait to get it over with.

Ethan decided he wanted to play the piano a bit and Evan vegged out in front of a video game.

After finishing the typing tests, Daniel went outside to play on the monkey bars. He had to cross them three times. Then he had to get his motor skill up to level 10. Then he had to get a high score on Keyboard Commander and he would finish his childhood aspiration.

Very nice, Daniel. Two days before you become a teenager, too! Looks like an athlete right in Chase’s own footsteps.

It was no slower when Thursday rolled around. Chase and Franklin both had their cake day. In the time-honored tradition of the Stoddard family, Chase baked the cake, placed the candles on it, then helped Franklin blow them out….

…gone were the carefree days of toddlerhood. Franklin was now a child.

Then Candy put some candle on the cake and it was Chase’s turn to blow them out.

….an adult. Now it was time to start thinking about finishing up all those things he’d yet to do.

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2 thoughts on “1.24: Busy Days

  1. Kids never get a good break. I was so hoping you’d pick the “Find the kid or I will” option. Levi wouldn’t have given them a choice. He would have left work, gone to the school, and found the bully right then and there. 😀


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