1.25: The Heir Apparent

The end of the week, as happens every week, rolled around. Friday saw Franklin head off to his first full day of school along with Daniel, Ethan, and Evan. All the boys were growing fast. For Chase and Candy, it was a somber moment. The house–well, houses–had been full for what seemed like forever with the sound of at least one toddler or child at home at any point in time. With all four boys at school, it seemed like the house was a lot bigger than before. With Friday being Chase’s last day of work, he hoped he’d finally get the big promotion to the highest rank possible. Candy also had to work later that day while also being pregnant with what she hoped was her daughter and last child.

Candy had a whim to chat with someone on the phone, so she called her sister, Yuki. Yes, she has a sister. Many times Yuki wanted to come over or have Candy go over Yuki’s house, but the problem was that Candy was either on her way to work or she was busy raising the kids. Chase worked a lot and in the beginning he worked early hours. When she wasn’t running around after all those cute toddlers, she was dealing with her own life. Raising skills for promotions. Helping to keep the house clean. Helping Chase when they first had a small garden to help make ends meet. And at some point, she had to sleep. Yuki, sadly, was shunted to the side. Of course, Yuki has two kids of her own. Now with all the boys being older, she decided that soon Yuki and the kids would have to come over. The boys would love to finally meet their cousins.

Then Candy had a whim to buy something worth more than 500 Simoleons. Expensive whims are expensive, but a whim is a whim. So she bought some artwork for the blank show wall outside their bedroom. I like the sunflowers, personally.

As was the chore upon returning home, Daniel and the boys had to do their homework. The rule was firm. If homework wasn’t done, no one did anything fun. Perhaps being in the military helped formulate Chase’s attention to detail and discipline. Perhaps he just wanted to make sure his kids were smart enough to enter the world one day. Perhaps both.

After homework, it was time to unwind. The boys decided to all get together and play a game of My Sims Racing (or whatever these new-fangled games are called). It was a pleasant moment to see all four having fun together while they all built their motor skills at the same time. Franklin even reached motor skill level 2!

Once the game ended, Evan decided to play around on his mother’s piano. Certainly needs a lot of work, but it helps build his creative skill.

Chase returned home, tired and stressed from work. No promotion today. Perhaps tomorrow. He’s really, really close to it. Just gotta get that check mark and bingo! He decided to take a quick nap before dinner. After his nap, he decided to do his daily chore which was to tell war stories. Candy loved to listen to them in spite of the fact he’d never been deployed anywhere that she could recall. Unless it was a few hours in a hot zone somewhere like Sunset Valley.

The evening went by without much fanfare. No school calls, no child tantrum or phases, everything was quite normal as Candy entered her second trimester.

Saturday, however, was a different story. There was something big happening on Saturday.

Daniel’s cakeday was finally here. Considering he reached max level in all his toddler skills, completed his childhood aspiration, and was a straight A student in school, he is officially named Chase’s heir to the legacy. Ethan, Evan, Franklin, and soon-to-be baby would all have to chase their own lives in the future.

Welcome to your teenage years, Daniel.

“Hey, Daniel,” Chase said as Daniel began to do his homework for high school.

“Yeah?” he replied.

“So you want to be a body builder?” Chase asked.

“Yeah,” Daniel replied.

“Maybe you might also do your old man proud and join up after school? A Stoddard military tradition, maybe?” Chase asked.

Daniel, having finished his homework during the conversation, stood up to walk away without answering.

“Hey, champ, at least give it some thought. The pay kind of sucks at first, but with your physical skills and my guidance, you’re gonna advance quickly up the ladder. Perhaps faster than I could’ve ever hoped. Just promise me you won’t dismiss it without giving it consideration.” Chase said.

A slightly annoyed Daniel replied, “Yeah, Dad. I’ll give it some thought. But I got time. If I do decide to join up, I’ll certainly tell you first, okay?”

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3 thoughts on “1.25: The Heir Apparent

  1. Boo! I was hoping for a vote. That’s okay, tho. Maybe Gen 2. Daniel looks so much like Chase. Son has a lot of father genes.

    I have a tennage height mod I installed recently. It’s suppose to make the teenager slightly smaller than the young adult/adult/elder height. Summer will be the first to test it out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was going to leave it to a vote, originally. However, since Daniel did so well as a kid, it only felt right to give it to him. He was the only toddler to get to level 5 in all skills and complete his aspiration as a kid, as I said. And the fact that he does look so much like Chase (it’s kind of uncanny for TS4 to make him look so much like one parent) it kind of just felt natural to me.


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