1.26: Skillin’ Like A Villain

The first thing Daniel did in his teenage years was his high school homework. The second thing he did was run into the backyard on a warm, Spring afternoon in Oasis Springs to play with the water slide. You can age the child up to a teenager, but they never stop being a child. Though, to his credit, he started out with some decent tricks, but not all of them worked out. While he was busy water sliding, his fitness level started rising like crazy. In fact, after playing with the water slide, he went inside to work out and by the end of his first day as a teenager, his fitness skill was at level 5. Never let anyone say that achieving your Rambunctious Scamp aspiration doesn’t have benefits.

On Sunday morning, Daniel opted to cook breakfast for the family. Level one in the cooking skill acquired. The meal was eggs and toast. It was a big hit! Now, next time you cook, make sure you shower before you cook.

Then Daniel went to the gym in Oasis Springs. Part of the bodybuilder aspiration requires at least one visit to the gym to work out. He was there long enough to not only finish that aspiration goal, but complete the first quarter of his overall aspiration. He’d worked out for a total of 10 hours and worked out once at a gym. While there, he became a social butterfly. Everyone wanted to talk to him. Maybe people like meeting the new guy.

No one was certain why Naoki Ito was standing there in his birthday suit. Perhaps Naoki was afraid Daniel would leave in the amount of time it took to wrap a towel around himself? Perhaps Naoki is a naturist? Perhaps Naoki wanted Daniel to be impressed with his physique? Who knows! The Sims 4 is a strange game sometimes!

At home, Candy felt something jostling inside her. Oh no. Oh dear, the time has come. Gone into labor. She grabbed Chase and raced off to Willow Creek Hospital to give birth for the fifth time.

I don’t know what it is about giving birth, but the doctor always wants to make friends with Candy. This isn’t a time to make friends or talk about the weather. She about to push a watermelon-sized person through an area not normally equipped with such dimensions and this person wants to tell Candy she’s a doctor at Willow Creek Hospital. Like Candy couldn’t realize that already while this contraption she was in shot glue all over the place like a toddler on a tear.

Still, the end result was what everyone wanted to see. Please, welcome into the world the newest member of the Stoddard family….

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