1.27: They Grow Up Fast

To say that having a baby is a lot of work is nothing new. With Grace being the fifth child, though, Chase and Candy had everything down to a science. Chase would field the first cry, Candy the second. They alternated to allow each other to have some kind of decent sleep. One interesting thing about the way life spans work, though, is that it uses days, whether they be whole or in part, to count down the ages. So even though Grace was just born on Saturday night, on Tuesday morning…..

….. Grace became a toddler. Here’s Grace’s toddler attire.

This also meant that the house (again) needed an adjustment. Rather than add on to the house or expand the house, what was decided was to move the home gym from behind the kitchen to the pool house. Grace’s room would go where the old home gym was. This was partly because it kept Grace in her own area away from the older kids who could be rather noisy (as older kids are wont to do) and partly because this is a big house and, when Franklin was a toddler, it took him forever to get from his room all the way to the kitchen to eat.

As it was a warm Spring day again in Oasis Spring, Daniel and Ethan decided to have some fun doing tricks in the water slide. They had a lot of fun and, for the first time, they both nailed all their tricks.

Monday meant school for the boys. Chase would head off to work. Candy was off. This gave her a bit of time to work on helping the inquisitive Grace in skill building. Franklin, as much as they loved him, didn’t get his skills to high as a toddler. That wasn’t going to happen with Grace.

First, Grace was read to.

Then potty trained (Yes, it is in the bedroom LOL).

Then given time to play with the tablet to help build her skills.

Ethan had a dilemma at school. It was a school test day and his mind was drawing more blanks than a cartoonist with no inspiration. The kid next to him was a poor student, so copying those answers wouldn’t work. What was a boy to do?

He took some deep breaths.

Franklin then had a problem. His school poster was, in his mind, perfect. Then some other kid decided to glitz up the place by making his sparkle light the sunlight off of a diamond ring. Franklin had two options: Lie and turn it in late or Turn it in on time.

He turned it in on time, but did not get the grade he wanted.

At 3pm, the boys come home. Daniel is now an A student at high school.

Of course, directly after school homework must be done. As has been said before and will always remain the truth: this is the rule of the house.

Chase came home later and finally… after all this time…

…was a Grand Marshall. The highest rank in the entire military. He put his final ribbon in his medal case. Though, it didn’t give him a notice he maxed out his career. It seems that you can still get raises in this job? Who knows! We’ll find out eventually!

After homework, Daniel decided to hit the home gym. While working out, he reached Level 8 Fitness. This is the fastest ever that any sim I’ve ever played has leveled up in fitness. He’ll be well done his aspiration before he reaches adulthood.

Chase decided he needed to relax, so he swam laps in the pool while Candy returned to her guitar to practice some more. She had maxed out in the piano skill, now she wanted to do the same in the guitar skill. Though, she still has plenty of work to do.

Wednesday morning came around and it was the twins’ cakedays.

First, Ethan, the oldest of the two twins, aged up.

Then, Evan, the youngest of the twins, aged up.

Here’s Ethan’s attire

Here’s Evan’s attire.

Just remember, these are not identical twins (as you can tell from the different hair colors). They are fraternal twins. Unlike Daniel, they both look like a better blend of Chase and Candy.

And then straight into homework. Grade are important.

To end the day, Candy came home having maxed out her career as Concert Virtuoso. She was as high as she could go and was as happy as she could ever be.

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