1.28: Individuality

The teenage years. The years when personalities develop. The years when we learn who is who and what they want to be. No more is this evident than in the Stoddard family. Daniel seems to be perfectly happy to follow in his father’s athletic footsteps.

Meanwhile, Ethan has taken to his newest toy…

He wants to be a painter.

And Evan has taken to pursuits of the mind in trying to become a Nerd Brain.

The fact of the matter is, now that the time is coming for the torch to pass to Daniel, Ethan and Evan are beginning to come of age and it’s quite amazing to watch as they follow their whims and desires to make a life for themselves. To formulate what it means to be who they are. To see them grow up. It brings a tear to the eye.

Franklin continues to develop as well. He’s having some issues with his social butterfly childhood aspiration, but there’s still time to work on it. The weekend is fast approaching.

Daniel continues to take over duties from his father including becoming the main chef in the family in spite of the fact Chase reached level 10 in cooking. When Daniel isn’t doing his homework or working out, he’s either cooking or helping with Grace when his parents are at work. He’s quite the dutiful family member.

Chase, meanwhile, it taking things a bit easier now that the family has grow up and the boys are helping more and more with the daily chores. In fact, he decided to take advantage of a particularly warm Spring afternoon to catch a few rays. Gotta keep the dadbod tanned, apparently! And all in the buff… really, Chase!!!

Candy continues to pursue maxing out her guitar skill. And now she’s even trying to work off the baby fat after popping out five kids.

Family dinners are much more entertaining now as the conversations seem to be more engaging for the entire family. Growing older seems to also mean growing closer.

Daniel’s school called on Friday. Apparently he’s been busy playing on his phone at school and not paying attention as much in class.

Chase told the school to confiscate the phone. He’s got to learn the phone isn’t as important as the lesson being taught. Doesn’t matter that he’s one of the top students in high school. He must learn that education is important.

Evan, being the Nerd Brain he is, had a class presentation.

Rather than doing the minimum to pass, he went the extra mile and went all out on his presentation. He wanted to shine brightly like the star he is. And boy did everyone notice.

Yup, he’s now disliked more than ever for ruining the grade curve. Can’t win them all.

Saturday does roll around with a cake day. At this rate, we’re celebrating someone’s cake day every couple days in this family. This time, Candy reaches adulthood. Guess it’s time for her to start thinking about getting things in order for her retirement… which is still a good amount of time down the road.

After the celebrations, Daniel learns that his brothers both had a whim to use the exercise machine, so they worked out together.

Now the real questions to answer is: who is going to go to college and who is going to jump right into a career? Lots of decisions to come in the next few days.

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2 thoughts on “1.28: Individuality

    1. Oh yes, we need to have them have a brotherly relationship together. I can’t just sequester them in their rooms all day after school to build skills. Will make for a very dull story moving forward! LOL


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