Cruisin’ on a Sunday afternoon. That’s what the day felt like to the Stoddard clan as they busied themselves doing nothing. It was rare that every single Stoddard was home on the same day at the same time these days. The kids were all in school, Chase worked all day, Candy worked at night. It was Sunday that, for now, everyone had the time to spend the day together. It was these moments that truly make the family feel like a family.

Speaking of Candy, her exercise routine was something that she never thought would show the kinds of results she’d hoped for. She was getting fat and she wanted her girlish figure back. Giving birth to five children certainly will do a number on the ol’ tummy section. It also didn’t help that Candy wasn’t an active person. She found herself more often than not sitting at a piano or standing around playing the guitar when she wasn’t popping out kids. But, the work is paying off.

She’d lost a lot of weight as she moved between Level 5 and 7 of the fitness skill. She was feeling the best she’d felt in a long time. Not that looks are everything, but some times it’s nice to take pride in one’s appearance, at least that’s what Candy thought.

One person who needed no excuse to exercise was Daniel. The proverbial chip off the old block, Daniel was easily following in his father’s footsteps with athletic prowess. He was more than happy to spend the time in the home gym to get himself into peak physical shape, something he truly admired about his dear old dad.

Ethan took some more time to paint. He had a whim to paint because he was feeling very inspired and went into his room and took out his pallet, paints, and brushes and allowed that wonderful lightning strike to guide his hand as he tried his hand at a large abstract painting. It was only normal quality, but he loved his new painting. No one is certain what it is, though. Perhaps a flaming comet with rings around it? Maybe the soul trapped within an Earthly barrier? Guess that’s why they call them ‘abstract’ after all. It’s anyone’s guess.

Evan once more planted himself firmly in the living room and started up the video game system. The whim to play on the console was strong with this young lad. It was a pastime he found himself enjoying when he was a child and now well into his teenaged years.

Later on during this first full day of Summer in Oasis Springs, the thermometer indicated it was going to be a very, very hot day, so the family decided to spend some time together enjoying the large pool that Chase had built. It’s funny to realize that the pool itself doesn’t get used that much. More often than not, when the fun bar is running low, most of the Stoddard clan either race for the gaming mat, the computer, or the water slide. However, today would be different. Of course, everyone but Franklin and Grace opted to work on their tans. Grace, the dutiful toddler, continued to hone her skills on the tablet while Franklin swam playful laps.

Dinner time rolled around and Daniel decided to whip up a family-sized batch of Onigiri for the whole family after sunbathing and swimming. Grace, though, got peanut butter and jelly. Toddlers don’t always take to well to more accustomed tastes.

With dinner time ended, it came Grace’s time to head to bed. Toddlers need a lot of sleep and she was getting cranky because she was tired. So Chase took her to her room and read her to sleep. After she slipped away into lalaland, he tucked her in and planted a loving kiss upon her forehead.

Evan went back to his room to play a game on the computer, but Franklin got a whim to chat to Evan, so Evan stopped his game to entertain his brother’s conversation. It started with general chat, but seemed to wonder into a few jokes, based upon Franklin’s action and Evan’s laughter, then was appeared to be a deep discussion. Knowing Franklin, it was probably about toys.

In the family kitchen, Daniel and Ethan sat and conversed for a while about a bunch of things. The Sun bubble appeared above Daniel’s head, so the assumption is that he was complaining about the heat. The house is air conditioned, as evidenced by their happy boost from refreshing A/C, but still Oasis Springs in the desert and deserts get hot. Then the bubble above Ethan’s head had a party horn, so I can only assume that he was planning something for Monday, which was both a holiday and Grace’s birthday. Yes, Grace was about to become a child.

Monday was a holiday called “Big Summer Holiday!” The first Monday in Summer was decided to be a big celebration where the family had to grill, enjoy water fun, and celebrate in a party atmosphere. Something akin to Memorial Day. An official start to the summer days. It was a day off from work and school. And, as stated, it was also Grace’s birthday, so Monday would be one of those days that just kept going and going and going.

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4 thoughts on “1.29

    1. Well, overall it seems like a busy day off, but in reality they did their own thing and I just kind of reported it. LOL Though I will say that having everyone sunbathe roughly around the same time helped make it funny to me. To see 3 teens and two adults trying to get a tan while the toddler’s in the house drawing with Llama make me chuckle a bit, too!


      1. She’s inquisitive, so my assumption is that she was more happy to learn than to terrorize the house. Of course, I was keeping tabs on her. The pool party only lasted about 2 sim hours, so not bad. She’s really well behaved!


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