1.30: Family Fun Day

It’s the first Monday in Oasis Springs (and the rest of the world, really) and that means it’s time for Big Summer Holiday!

No, not that Summer Holiday. Not that she isn’t a fine sim and a sim that a lot of simmers have used to start legacies with, but…..

Big Summer Holiday! is a holiday created to celebrate the beginning of Summer. A time when the kids get a day off from school, when parents are home from work, and the entire event is about spending time together partying, having fun in the water, grilling out, and just celebrating the coming warm (or hot in this case) weather.

However, one item on the agenda before the celebrations of a summer holiday can start is the fact that Monday is also Grace Stoddard’s cake day! Today she leaves behind the carefree days of toddlerhood and moves forward into the days of homework and school as a child.

And here’s a peak at Grace’s wardrobe. Most of these outfits (all of, IIRC) are full body outfits as opposed to being randomly generated or pieced together by the creator.

Of course it wouldn’t be cake day without cake. Chase made a chocolate cake for the day. He took little Grace into his arms, she blew out the candles and of course grew right then and there. Everyone gathered around the table to have cake.

Oh, looks like we need a bigger table in the kitchen. How nice of Franklin to make sure Grace had a seat at the table while he ate his cake alone at the island counter.

Once the cake day celebration ended, the time came for the family to begin celebrating Big Summer Holiday! The exclamation point is part of the name of this holiday because punctuation is important. The first item on the agenda was decorations. This holiday requires decorations and the kids especially love the party atmosphere they give, so Chase put them up right after Grace’s little family party.

Then there was a requirement to enjoy water fun. Almost any kind of water fun a kid or an adult could imagine was on the table. First, the family decided to swim laps. It was a gross, hot day, so this would help cool everyone down for a bit before the celebrations really went into full swing.

The water fun did not end there with swimming pool laps. No, of course it couldn’t! Not at the Stoddard family home! There was a water slide that had to be utilized for this occasion and utilize it they did! Everyone played on the water slide. Some tried to do tricks, some actually succeeded.

At times the line looked like it was a ride a Disneyland. The Stoddard’s are a big family. Yet everyone had fun spending a few hours on the water slide. During their time, Ethan and Evan advanced to level 3 fitness and Daniel maxed out his fitness skill. It also helped Franklin and Grace increase their motor skills while Candy’s fitness skill did increase, but not in rank.

Grilling out was part of the holiday and Chase certainly was ready to do that. The gang couldn’t wait to eat the delicious food he cooked as slaved over the grill in the desert heat. Everyone opted to eat inside because of it. Looks like we had grilled chicken and grilled corn and a whole bunch of yummy in excellent quality!

Part of today’s adventure was also to party. This is a long list of things that could be done, but ultimately some resorted to dancing to electronica, others to having toasts, and still others telling jokes. It took a while to complete that part of the day for everyone to get the final checkmark and the confetti to rise, but in the end everyone except Chase made it that far, though he was really close.

Though, at the end of the day, just before they went to bed, Franklin couldn’t wait to hug his newly-aged-up sister and wish her a very happy birthday.

It was a big day, but the week was only just beginning. On Wednesday, Franklin’s cake day rolls around and then on Thursday, Daniel’s cake day rolls around. As always, it’s never a dull moment at the Stoddard Estate and it always feels like someone is getting older.

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5 thoughts on “1.30: Family Fun Day

    1. I’m thinking that putting time back to long lifespan would mean I could take moments when Daniel’s life is pretty boring to check in on what the other spares are doing. That would help. With the way MCCC is set up, they may wind up having kids without my help! LOL


      1. I’m sure they will. Do you get notifications? You’ll end up seeing a Stoddard having kids or even getting married to a townie depending on your settings…lol.


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