1.31: It Never Stops

Tuesday found itself to be a particularly quiet day. With Grace now in school, Candy found herself with a lot of free time on Tuesday. It was one of her days off from work, so she opted to enjoy the hellishly-hot weather current engulfing the overheated citizens of Oasis Springs. While the benefits of living in a desert are evident in Winter, you pay the price come summer. In order to beat the heat, she had a whim to dive off of the diving board. She did a back flip. Then she swam around for a while, then sunbathed naked because of course she did!

Without anyone home until 3pm, there’s nothing really stopping her from ensuring she gets the perfect tan. At least that was an excuse.

Then Evan has a choice to make at school. In order to help the kids enjoy school a bit more, Evan’s teacher gave them a choice to study outside to get some fresh air. Not certain how fresh the air is in a desert summer, but it’s the thought that counts. Still, this gave Evan a moment to contemplate his next move.

Being the dutiful student he is, Evan decided it was best for him to go with his class and study outside, to soak in a little sun, to allow the hot desert breeze to envelop him, and perhaps to finally have a relaxing school day.

Good decisions often pay off dividends that last for an entire lifetime.

Franklin then had a problem that needed to be solved. Apparently, some bully has been stealing Franklin’s chips… for an entire week! Now, Franklin’s brownie’s been stolen as well. Well, enough is enough. Franklin wanted to fight back. He was tired of being picked on and he knew that he had to show this bully who was boss. Of course, should he does this publicly and shame the bully, or just exact his revenge in private so that only the bully knew?

He opted to get his revenge in private. As the old saying goes, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” So Franklin unleashed his plan.

The best laid plans of mice and men, right? Oh well, maybe the principal will get an upset stomach and blame the bully? Who knows where this’ll go…. probably nowhere, but still!

As they day wore on, Candy opted to cook a late lunch for the kids. They always came home from school hungry. She wanted to make sure they had something waiting for them the moment they walked through that doorway. When 3pm rolled around, they all sat down and started their homework with a nice platter of grilled cheese awaiting them when they finished their studies. Of course, since Candy didn’t have homework to do, she busied herself supervising while eating her sandwich.

That evening the kids busied themselves with their various activities. Ethan painted, Evan played BlickBlock on the gaming mat, Chase played on the computer, Candy practiced her guitar, Grace started her video game skill, Franklin watched videos on the computer, and Daniel decided to go for a jog.

The evenings were better for outdoor activity in Oasis Springs this time of the year. While it was still quite warm, it wasn’t a flashing thermometer kind of heat. While jogging…..

…Daniel completed his aspiration of being a bodybuilder. He’d reached maximum body potential, maxed out the fitness skill, and was awarded with the Long Lived trait. Something that may come in hand for him later in life. He’s going to think about his next aspiration for a bit. He has plenty of time to work on whatever his next goal is!

Grace, for her part, suddenly became a video game whiz playing Party Frenzy for hours. Now she reached Level 3 in the video game skill. Way to go, Grace! It won’t be long and you’ll be beating all your brothers in all the games!

Of course, it was a school night and everyone went to bed because even sims have to sleep.

Wednesday rolled around. Another big day in the Stoddard Household. First things first: the Lotto came to town. Chase and Candy couldn’t wait to pay their 100 simoleons to have a chance to win a million. Think of how amazing life would be with a million simoleons in the bank. While neither Chase nor Candy would stop working, they would certainly use some of those vacation days they had saved to get away without the kids for a romantic weekend… somewhere.

Wednesday wasn’t just a big day because the lottery was in town. It was also Franklin’s cake day. Yes, it was the day the little boy became a teenager. However, it was getting late and everyone had to go to school. Don’t worry, Franklin, Mom promised you a cake when you got home later!

Unfortunately, it was a work night, so Chase wound up making the cake after he got home from work. That gave the kids plenty of time to do their homework, handle their other needs, and relax after a day of school. Then, with the cake ready to go, Chase brought it out to the dining table and the big moment was here.

Franklin was now officially a teenager.

Perhaps he looks a tad more like Chase, but there’s definitely Candy in that face of his. His outfits were handpicked, of course. The aspiration for Franklin is to be a party animal, so the decision was made that he should have some sort of party style going on with his wardrobe. Sad thing that the blue swatches for the athletic attire aren’t perfect matches. A sad event that could be fixed by sliders for clothing and item colors. It’ll have to do. It’s not that far off. Anyway, time to eat cake!

While at work, Candy ran into an issue. Apparently, the director for whom she’s been working didn’t pick any of Candy’s fabulous musical choices for the upcoming blockbuster movie score. How dare he! She’s a figure of grace, beauty, and taste! She’s the best in her field and some hotshot out of Del Sol Valley is gonna act like he knows better? Well….

…Candy wasn’t having any of it. She marched into his office, she demanded that he change the score to include more of her contributions!

Sadly, not every fight is worth fighting. Better luck next time, Candy.

Thursday morning rolled around and the lottery results were in….

…. oh well. Better luck next time.

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2 thoughts on “1.31: It Never Stops

  1. More Sims nekkidness…lol! At least Candy doesn’t have a Peeping Sim (the male version is of Tina is Tom, go figure) to watch her.

    That hairstyle on the teenaged Franklin reminds me of an 80s to 90s punk look.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It does look rather hair band or 90s alternative. But, with his aspiration set to “Party Animal” I wanted to give him more of a sort of partier/rocker/fun kind of look. Just when I saw him age up, I was like, “Man, he needs a cool look.” And I hope I gave it to him.


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