1.32: All Grown Up

Thursday. What can be said about Thursday? That honorable day butted against the end of the work week which brings hope to those anticipating the freedom of a weekend off normally wouldn’t be very interesting. Thursday’s rarely are. Monday’s are dreaded because the work week begins. Tuesday are good for tacos. Wednesday gets its fame being the center point of the week. Friday is beloved because it’s the last day of work and school. Saturday and Sunday are, generally, days off; and everyone loves days off. Yet Thursday, noble day that it is, remains the one everyone has to get through to reach the end of the week. Yet at the Stoddard Estate, Thursday was not just a day to get through. It was not just the fifth day of the week and only the fifth day of the week. It was the birthday of Daniel Stoddard; the day he became a Young Adult.

There were so many moments since his birth. So many interesting and enjoyable moments that were experienced when Chase and Candy were newborn parents. The day Candy finally gave birth and the anticipation in everyone’s eyes when the doctor prepared the birth certificate and asked Candy and Chase to name their newborn son. The first time Chase held Daniel in his arms as a baby and kissed him letting him know Daddy was always there to love him, to comfort him, to protect him. Days spent potty training and reading to him and teaching him how to speak. Watching him learn to walk. Hearing him say his first word.

As Daniel grew, so did the family. Ethan and Evan were born. A twins surprise. Then came the desire to finally have a daughter, but they got Franklin–a truly wonderful child just like Daniel, Ethan, and Evan. Finally, while Daniel was a teen, he finally got the sister his parents always wanted. Perhaps he did too. He seemed quite happy to meet her the day she came home.

The house is far different than where Daniel first took his first night’s sleep on Earth. From a one-bedroom small house to a large, three-bedroom house, then the dream home and its massive footprint and pool. In fact, Daniel could remember being able to see the dinosaur from his bedroom window if he had just the right angle. The days spent in his room playing to the tablet to hone his skills. Playing with his peanut butter and jelly while in his highchair.

While the family grew and Chase and Candy worked hard to build this life and the houses, it was all for one purpose: to build a place where generations of Stoddard’s could fall in love, raise their children, expand and rebuild, and most of all, to call home. The house that stands as the Stoddard Estate, contemporary and modern and large and resplendent, remains the home base for all those who inherit the title of Stoddard Heir. As the heir apparent, Daniel is about to take his next step in his life’s journey. He is about to become the new founder.

The world is about to change so much for Daniel. Things may seem the same at the outset, but time marches ever forward. No one is exempt from its motion. In the coming times, Daniel will have to build his own family to keep the legacy going. He will have to take over.

This is the last moment of Daniel’s teenage years. To come home from school and to celebrate with friends and family. To walk once more into the house after a day at school and take that moment to enjoy the refreshing air conditioning. And all those carefree days from being a toddler and a child and a teenager all come to an end with one abrupt and deliberate motion from Daniel himself.

Enjoy your cake day, Daniel. Welcome to the Young Adult years. The years where we hope love will find you, fortune will follow you, and that happiness will be always yours. Your Mom and Dad are proud of you. Your sister and brothers are proud of you. Go forth, young man, and continue that which was started by your father the day you were brought home from the hospital. We have every faith in you.

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Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

7 thoughts on “1.32: All Grown Up

      1. Well thank you very much. I’m very glad you you like it! I wanted to simply tell the story that was there without trying to embellish or create drama where drama wasn’t needed. It honestly means a lot that you think I’m doing a good job. I really appreciate that. It’s given me quite the boost!


  1. Aw, I loved this chapter. You wrote it well, got me feeling a little emotional haha, can’t believe Daniel’s all grown up now! But I can’t wait to see what’s next for him as the heir 🙂


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