2.01: Same And Different

Thursday afternoon in the Stoddard Household. Daniel’s Young Adult cake day. A party was thrown in his honor and someone showed up that no one quite knows who he is. A teenager that maybe Daniel met in high school? A neighbor? Some rando who just wanted cake? Who knows? Who cares? It’s a birthday party, so the more the merrier! The only thing that is known is his name: Ezequiel.

And Candy’s friend Yuka Yamaguchi was there. The very same Yuka Yamaguchi who was the winner of the lotto the day before. No, she didn’t give Daniel money for his cake day. She did, however, show up. And Yuki Behr, Candy’s sister, was also there!

The party went off without a hitch. Daniel of course aged up after blowing out the candles, everyone ate cake, and then came the dancing. The Stoddards love to dance, even if most aren’t very good at it.

The part seemed to be well received, at least according to the reviews.

The dresser will stay in the household inventory for now. Daniel wasn’t quite sure how he was going to stamp his own personality on the family home considering the entire family still lived there. That and he knew that his father, Chase, probably didn’t want anyone making any drastic changes to the entire vibe of Chase’s dream home–in spite of the fact that Daniel, not Chase, was now in control of the family. Still, there would be plenty of time to deal with making things in Daniel’s own image as time progressed.

Speaking of time, we’re back on long lifespan. Certainly a sim’s like is short, just like everyone else’s, but at least here we can give them more time. So no more constant cake days and aging up. Things will slow in that aspect. Though, we have a lot of life in these sims to come and plenty of things to write about.

Including the fact that, as a cake day present, Ethan gave Daniel a gift from the heart

One of his paintings. Daniel wasn’t quite sure how to receive such a gloomy drawing on such a happy day, but he did it with a smile.

While Daniel wasn’t ready to change too much about the house itself, a few renovations were still carried out. Eagle-eyed readers will notice the kitchen looks different. Daniel’s room was given a makeover. Candy renovated the master bathroom as well.

The kitchen received its update because the family needed a bigger informal kitchen table and the big one wouldn’t fit. So all the old, bluish-green, mid-century style was removed and replaced with more modern flooring and cabinetry.

Daniel’s bedroom saw a minor change. He sold his single bed for a nice Mt. Komorebi-style double bed. Just in case a young lady should capture his heart.

The master bathroom off of Candy and Chase’s room was renovated because the layout was causing issues with the sims moving around in there, so it needed to be opened up to allow them more room to maneuver.

Also, as part of the kitchen upgrade, the bar area received a new bar and a slight redesign.

After the party was over and everyone retreated back to their normal lives, Daniel found himself eating some leftovers alone in the kitchen. There were no melancholy thoughts, no concerns about the future… only the realization that he was all grown up and needed to decide on a career path. Certainly his father wanted him to go into the military. It was not just a great way to serve one’s country, but it actually paid pretty well if you stuck with it as a career and worked your way up the officer ladder. Daniel gave it considerable thought, but his heart wasn’t into it. Of course, what else could he do to take advantage of his athletic nature?

Daniel had high hopes of becoming a professional athlete. It wasn’t every day that a teenage sim completed the bodybuilding aspiration before they aged up to Young Adult. Daniel was blessed with an active gene inherited from his father, so why not try to find his way in the world of pro-sports? Perhaps he would become a famous athlete one day? His first day is Saturday, so he has to get through Friday before he could go to work his first day.

Speaking of Friday, it rolled around with another scorcher of a day in the desert. Daniel woke up very early and decided to make the family breakfast. He’s been doing well at cooking. He reached level 4 of the cooking skill as he was working on Friday’s breakfast. There was just something about the smell of a homecooked breakfast that seemed to wake everyone up and send them straight into the kitchen no matter how bleary-eyed they may be.

Friday also meant that Ethan, Evan, Franklin, and Grace had to go to school and Chase and Candy also had to go to work. So for a few hours, Daniel had the place to himself. His new job required him to work out, which was hilarious considering he was already level 10 in the fitness skill, but if it helps with the money, so be it.

He also needed to reach a level 3 charisma skill, so he would have to practice his speech in front of the mirror, but he opted not to do that today. Instead he simply worked out while he had the place to himself. No interruptions, no one wanting anything from him, just himself and his thoughts.

That afternoon, Evan asked if Ezequiel could come over. Daniel was the only one home and of course he saw no issue with anyone coming over to do their homework with the others.

Ezequiel never bothered to open his homework even while Franklin and Grace were doing their right in front of him. He just kept talking. And talking. And talking. To Grace. Only Grace. Until Ezequiel decided to show everyone the really cool video he had on his phone.

Then when the kids were all eating their dinner, he still sat there and talked. Then suddenly decided he needed to leave. What a strange fella.

Friday evening saw the men retreat to the gym to work out. A rumor going around high school said that those with a higher fitness skill had a better chance of landing sick tricks on the water slide. This was apparently all the inspiration needed to get all 5 Stoddard Men in the gym at the same time. Daniel too. Might as well spend time with the family.

Friday gave way to Saturday. A free day for everyone except Daniel. It was his first day in the athlete career. What excitement. What anticipation. What a future he could have in store if applied himself fully and wholly to his career!

No one ever said it was easy to start at the bottom of the ladder. Someone had to be the Llamacorn. But he walked out of that house with pride in that silly Llamacorn outfit with his head held high and his dignity intact… partly because no one could see his face; still, it was intact.

The rest of the family did what they did best in their off time. Relaxed.

Evan wanted to test out his waterslide trick skillz.

Not bad, Evan. Not bad at all.

Grace hopped aboard the pirate ship and pretended she was a swashbuckling pirate captain plundering the seven seas in search of booty. She seems like she’d make an excellent pirate captain standing atop the bridge of the ship proud as a peacock.

Then everyone decided to lazily back float in the pool–except Franklin. The scene was kind of scary when looked at in the right frame, but thankfully everyone was fine. It was just a lazy Saturday for the Stoddard clan.

Franklin decided he wanted to relax, but not in the pool.

“Call me Frankie”

Uh… did you just say something?

“Call me Frankie.”

Okay, Frankie. Either way, where was I. Oh…. Frankie decided to relax by the pool. Then, after using the shower, he had to fix it. At least he gets the handiness skill from it.

Chase decided he was going to cook dinner tonight. So after drying off from the pool he marched into the kitchen to craft a delightful meal of garlic noodles. Mmmmm, who doesn’t love a big old heapin’ plate of garlic noodles. So rich, creamy, and garlicy. Delicious!


This could be the first-ever visual evidence of someone samurai-ing their dinner. It looks less like a cook in his element and more like a cheap Japanese samurai warrior movie ripoff. Still, dinner was amazing. It should be since Chase is a level 10 cook.

Then after dinner it was video game time for the kids. A pleasant afternoon of playing Party Frenzy with your siblings. These are the things that make a Saturday feel special.

Daniel brought home 198 simoleons on his first day at work. Nice going, Daniel! Here he was in all his glory bringing home a meager paycheck on the first work day of his Young Adult life just as his father had done oh so long ago. No matter how many things change, they seem to stay the same.

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