2.02: Desert Bloom Park

Monday started the week as it normally does. Chase had work, Candy had work, Ethan, Evan, Frankie, and Grace had school. Daniel found himself on a day off. Always good to get a day off from work. So with the house mostly to himself for a period of the day, he did the one thing he’s known to do: practice his skills. Yes, to advance in his career he needs not only a level 3 fitness skill, but a level 3 charisma skill. Certainly he’s already maxed out the fitness skill, so that left one thing to do.

Yes, Daniel, practice your speeches. Give yourself a great start on your new career. Though, because of his advanced athletic abilities, he did start out much higher in his career than most people. That’s a good thing about careers. If you’re ahead of the curve with your talents, you do receive some form of a reward.

When Grace came home from school, she suddenly burst into a particular mood.

Yes, she wants to wear her bear suit all the time. Frankly, it’s a really cute bear suit with that big strawberry right on the front. Might as well enjoy it while you’re inside, Grace. It’s summertime in the desert. Outside, you’re gonna want to wear something a lot lighter than that!

As usual, the kids did their homework, ate dinner, then enjoyed the rest of their evening playing games or using the waterslide. Yes, the waterslide. Could’ve saved a ton of money and just put in the waterslide instead of the pool. However, the pool is nice to have for those moments when people want to swim.

Frankie, while striking this pose, leveled up for fitness level 5. Ethan hit fitness level 7 and Evan hit fitness level 4 during this particular adventure on the waterslide. The Stoddard boys are well built fellas! Must get that from their father.

Speaking of Chase, he opted to play some BlickBlock on the gaming mat after he came home from work and ate dinner. Unfortunately, the mat needed to be fixed because it broke while he was midgame.

Daniel, still wanting to enjoy the evening, decided he wanted to head out of the house and mingle. He was, after all, and eligible bachelor. Certain to turn a few heads and perhaps capture the attentions of some wonderful, wholesome young ladies in Oasis Springs. So he dressed up and headed out to the Rattlesnake Bar.

Well, it was Alien night at the bar. He didn’t know. He struck up a nice conversation with the dudes that were there. He ordered a drink and enjoyed the conversation with his new-found friends. The only thing that didn’t happen was a conversation with a lovely lady. Unless you count Nina Caliente. And, honestly, while Nina is a Sims 4 staple, she’s too old for our young Daniel Stoddard. That and she’s got like 5 kids now. Thank you, MCCC. There will be Caliente’s in the game for a very long time now Failing to find a young lady to woo at the bar, he returned home to slumber.

Tuesday rolls in and Daniel, now having reached level 3 Charisma, is given his first promotion!

Dance team captain. Not certain how that prepares a young athlete to become a world-famous player, but it is the way things are done and Daniel is quite happy to trade in his mascot uniform for that of the dance team captain. To celebrate his big promotion, he cooked dinner. Even though it was after 9pm.

It’s okay! The leftovers can go in the fridge and people can eat them whenever they’re hungry! Though, with 7 sims in the household, the food doesn’t last too long in this house. Thankfully, Chase, Candy, Daniel, Ethan, and Frankie are all taking turns cooking for these ravenous Stoddards!

After dinner, Daniel opted to head over to Willow Creek to visit the Blue Velvet nightclub. At least there were a few ladies there. He struck up a nice conversation with one lady in particular. They seemed to hit it off, but then she had a speech bubble above her head with Daniel’s face and a No sign over it, then she left. No idea what he said, but it didn’t seem to resonate with her. But they looked like they were having fun for a while!

Or not.

On Wednesday, Grace had a problem. One of her other classmates was busy trying to pelt her with spitballs. She didn’t want to turn around and ask the kid to stop because she didn’t want to get into trouble. She also didn’t want to ignore it for fear that it wouldn’t stop.

What was a young lady to do? She decided to ask the kid to stop. Instead of yelling at him, interrupting the whole class, and potentially getting into trouble, she decided that she would express her feelings in a note and pass it to him. Seemed like a great way to diffuse the situation.

Yes! The kid actually got in trouble and Grace wasn’t even implicated in any of it! It’s a great day for our bear-suit-wearing Stoddard! Way to go, Grace!

When the kids came home, did their homework, and ate dinner, on their own Ethan, Evan, and Frankie all decided that they wanted to go and workout together. They were taking after their old man more and more each day! Of course, it could just be that young men thing rock-hard bodies equates to a better shot at landing more love interests. Perhaps Hollywood thinks so, but Chase landed Candy before he ever went into being a Greek God. LOL

Thursday was a day off for Daniel. And it was a nice summer’s day in Oasis Springs. It was hot, oh yes, but it wasn’t a scorcher. For the desert, it was about as perfect as you could get. So he wandered down to Desert Bloom Park to go jogging. While there, a young lady chatted him up.

Her learned her name is Gloria Viera. Her mother and father had moved to Oasis Springs from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She’s a lovely young lady. Very pleasing with very large promise in her eyes. Whatever it was about her, Daniel was very happy to converse with her. He learned she was a romantic. He learned that she was also family oriented. Then, she challenged him to a skill game.

Nothing like a lovely afternoon in the park playing chess with a new friend. Of course, Daniel wasn’t quite so interested in looking at the pieces on the chessboard. He seemed to kind of grow a small crush on Gloria. However, he wasn’t in a hurry to rush anything with anyone. New friends were always good to have. And, if something more should develop, then it would happen naturally and everyone would be happy. Hopefully.

Friday morning, he went back to Desert Bloom Park after being invited by Gloria to join him. Again, they mostly just chatted. She was new in town. No one had seen her before yesterday. Though, she seemed mostly to stick with Daniel even when others came by to chitchat as often happens in public places. Daniel was growing fond of her already. Then…. he took a bold chance. He mustered up the nerve and flirted with her. She flirted back. The conversation became quite flirty. Perhaps a tad suggestive at times. Daniel was beginning to have feelings for someone he’d just met the day before. And then…

A first kiss! Oh man. How romantic. A late morning, gorgeous summer’s day in Oasis Springs in this middle of this beautiful part and a new romantic interest making her intentions known. However, Friday was a work day. So Daniel had to depart for work.

When he got home, Gloria called and asked him out on a date, though he was really tired and didn’t want to go. Instead, he invited her over to the house to hang out.

Completely on their own they had a wonderful kiss hidden from the view of the main house by this side door outside of Grace’s room. After the romantic greeting, Daniel invited Gloria out back to hang out by the pool. After all, the sky was clear, the moon was bright, and love may well be in the air!

Oh, Daniel. You smooth operator! How cute! Pretending to stretch just to put your arm around the young lady who seems to have captured your fancy.

Well received, it seems.

Perhaps it was the moonlight. Perhaps it was the location. Perhaps it was just the natural way things happen, but the pair were growing more and more interested in each other. In fact…

… he asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes. Then she whispered something in his ear. Can’t speculate exactly on what was said, but…..

…. there’s evidence to say that it wasn’t something that can be repeated publicly. Yes, she spent the night. Yes, woohoo happened. Both before and after sleeping. Daniel may be falling in love.

This also led to wonderful speculation in the morning when Ethan, Evan, and Frankie woke up.

“She spent the night?” Frankie said.

“Dude,” Ethan said, “my room is next door. Trust me. She spent the night. Like, they totally smashed.”

“You’re lying,” Evan said.

“Trust me, Evan, I heard it.” Ethan said.

“Gross,” Frankie said. “Now I got this picture of Danny smashing some girl in my head. I’m gonna need therapy for this.”

“You’re a moron,” Ethan said with a smile.

They could hear Daniel’s bedroom door open, so the boys ran outside to go swim around in the pool and check to see through the window what was happening.

Sure enough, Gloria was leaving. Though, everyone had a feeling she’d be back.

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9 thoughts on “2.02: Desert Bloom Park

  1. LOL … I like how they all ran outside when they heard Daniel’s bedroom door open. Typical boy reaction when they’re talking about someone. Try and go hide or look innocent.

    Not in my current gameplay, I did have a Sim who was having a great time chatting it up with another and then all of a sudden the NPC Sim got the bubble of my Sim’s head with the “no” sign. And she yelled at him and walked away. I was in shock. They were laughing and chilling minutes before. I wish I could have seen what type of conversation he had on her to get her so upset.


    1. Not gonna lie here. Gloria isn’t an NPC sim in the true sense. I created her because MCCC has literally paired up an awful lot of townies that come with TS4 as well as the townies its creating with other townies to the point that a lot of them all have multiple kids by multiple fathers in this world. MCCC is nothing if it isn’t thorough. That being said, after I put her in game, I kind of just left her alone and she was randomly at the park. So that’s good, I think.


      1. That’s why I chose to go to the gallery and pick Sims that could be of interest to Levi. I didn’t want him marrying some chick who is having affairs with multiple men. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I will say that the fact that Sims can go from complete strangers to married in one day is kind of one of my biggest complaints about the relationship system in the game. That being said, there is “that” mod that comes with a better relationship system, but it comes with other things that turn the game into something it was never meant to be. And I don’t like that mod.

      And while the relationship can move fast, there are 7 sims currently in this household. So even if they get married in the next chapter (I don’t want to move that fast), there wouldn’t be room in this legacy house for any kids until Daniel’s siblings grow up and start moving out.


      1. I have no idea what mod you’re talking about and I’m almost too afraid to ask. But yeah, in my own pseudo legacy I tried to get around the problem by waiting a bit… and then my Sim became Single and Lovin It and I wanted to respect the game’s decision on that… so then since she had no proper job (I like to do that with my founders- feels weird to me for them to just manifest in a world and instantly get a job) I adopted so late into her lifespan that I had to platonically move in someone with an abnormally long lifespan just so the legacy could continue. Fun times!
        … That was a ramble, oop.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m running into the other problem where Chase and Candy had 5 kids, the first three fairly close, then Franklin a little later, then Grace. When Grace hits the teen years, Chase will also become an elder that day and most likely Daniel will be married with at least a kid. So there’s all this merging of generations going on! LOL

        However, I could tell you what the Mod in Question is, but you don’t want that kind of mod in your game. It’s graphic, to say the least.


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