2.03: Progressing

Saturday in the Stoddard household was a glorious day. After the morning chatter about Daniel’s overnight guest had died down to a dull roar, everyone was left to their own devices to do whatever it is they wanted to do. Grace, still feeling the love for her bear costume, decided that she wanted once more to play the part of a pirate on the pirate ship. Can’t help but think of the comments this would’ve gotten if she was an actual pirate on a pirate ship dressed like this….

Perhaps she thought of herself as the feared and mighty Red Bear, Scoundrel of the Seven Seas! Willing to plunder your ship for all the treasure while looking cute and innocent while doing it.

In the living room, Frankie and Ethan were battling it out over a game of Party Frenzy while Daniel sat down to eat breakfast while watching the battle. They both had speech bubbles above their head with Daniel’s face in it. None of them spoke a work, though. Perhaps they were just trying to figure out the right way to breach the subject of Daniel’s blossoming relationship with Gloria Viera.

Or maybe because Daniel’s built like a tank they were afraid of getting an atomic noogie from him in retribution. A wise man once said, “Do not taunt those who can bench press you without breaking a sweat.” Not that Daniel would do that. He was an even-keel kind of guy, but still boys will be boys.

After spending time outside rampaging around causing fear across multiple oceans and even more seas, our bear-themed princess decided that she wanted to practice her trick slides.

Ethan decided it was time to retreat to his bedroom and paint again. He opted for a large classic painting.

It started out well. He’s really coming along in his painting skill. He feels such inspiration now just from painting. It doesn’t take much effort, either, to put him in that mood. Unfortunately, this was not a masterpiece. It was normal quality. Another one to hang on the wall or retain in inventory until he sells them–if he sells them at all.

Sunday morning saw Daniel leave the house around 9am. Gloria had called. She wanted to know if he wanted to come over to her house to hang out for a little while. Since he had time before work, he didn’t think twice. He got ready and headed straight over to her place on a rare dull and dreary Oasis Springs day.

Oh they talked for a good long while. As Daniel spoke, Gloria’s speech bubbles seemed to think that Daniel was a keeper. His face kept popping up without a no sign around it and every time that happened she said, “Uh huh.” This must mean things are getting serious between these two young lovers.

Back at the house, the teen trio and Chase were in the gym working out. It’s nice to see even those without the active trait trying to keep themselves in shape. Granted, they’re not building as fast as Chase or Daniel would, but that’s fine. During this particular moment, Evan reached level 7, Frankie Level 7, and Ethan level 8 in fitness. And it’s wonderful they’re spending time together with their father. Just as the screenshot was about to be captured, though, Chase got up to use the bathroom.

That afternoon, the boys went back to swimming in the pool for a while to relax after working out. It’s a wise decision to let your muscles rest after a good shred on the machines. Gives them time to recover. Of course, all the swimming ended when Chase had finished cooking the Italian Meatballs. Everyone loves his Italian Meatballs.

Daniel came home with some big news.

He was finally being given the chance to head out onto the field and play. Yes, as a minor leaguer, but that’s okay. You have to start at the bottom in order to work your way up to the top. There was nothing holding Daniel back from his dreams. And, he got a cool new uniform to boot!

Then Daniel ate dinner and decided to study his opponents. That’s part of his job now. He has to know how to attack the defense so he can best set himself–and the team–up for victory.

Monday was a pretty boring day. People went to school and work. People ate and drank and swam and worked out and played video games. Daniel was off on Mondays now. He busied himself practicing his speech. He’s now at Charisma level 5, so he’s well ahead of the game for his next promotion. He hoped to get called up to the majors just as soon as possible. Imagine the thrill of standing in the home stadium before 50,000 screaming, rabid Llamacorn fans all wanting, wishing, and hoping that you, Daniel Stoddard, will be the man who finally brings them the glory they deserve!

A guy can dream, can’t he?

On Tuesday, again everything moved rather boringly and normally. Though, Daniel did have a challenge at work.

Daniel needed help. He wasn’t going to hide in the closet. That’s never a good thing to do. If you need help, you ask for help. That’s what Daniel believed. Unfortunately, all of his teammates were busy doing other projects. Daniel was going to have to do something drastic.

Ah, asking the boss for a little help seemed to do the trick. Now he has more time to finish whatever it is a sports player needs to finish. YAY for Daniel!

Wednesday came on time. Daniel’s career was now beginning to move fast as he proved himself on the field. He was called up! Yes, called up to the majors! What a most excellent day for the young Stoddard. He was going to be with the real team in the real stadium!

And now he gets to proudly wear the uniform of the Oasis Springs Llamacorns!

Oh, Daniel. Oh man. We’re so proud of you, sir! We know you will do us proud!

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6 thoughts on “2.03: Progressing

    1. It is. It also has me wondering about how genetics in TS4 will work. Chase has beautiful red hair. Daniel has it too. Gloria has black hair. I’m curious to see if the first kid will have black hair or red hair or, potentially, blonde since Candy has blonde hair. A wonderful TS4 genetics experiment!

      And it’ll be nice to grow very old with a lady like Gloria… particularly on long lifespan. I mean, I think she’s a pretty sim. And she has big..erm…heart… yeah, heart!


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