2.04: Moving Fast

It is evident the chapters are coming fast and furious right now. Forgive the speed at which these chapters are being written right now. There’s precious little to do outside of keep the house tidy and play The Sims 4. So, this might continue for a little while. If it’s too much to keep track of, please say so in the comments below or on the TS4 forum topic for this SimLit.

Another thing that seems to be happening at warp speed is the blossoming romance between Daniel and Gloria. As has been pointed out, and as has been shown in the many years the Sims 4 has been around, is that love doesn’t take a long time to blossom. Generally, sims don’t have such long lifespans to enjoy a long, beautiful courtship. Yet, even here on a long lifespan, Daniel isn’t wasting time with Gloria. He lives by a simple yet powerful principle: “My father found his true love and has made an amazing life for himself and my Mother. And he has a large, loving family. I want to follow his example. If I find my true love, I will not let her go, we’ll move as fast as we want, and hopefully I’ll find as much love and happiness as my Father has.”

Gloria wanted to know if it was alright for her to come over. Daniel wasn’t going to say no. Not now. Not when he was in love. Not when he could potentially be seeing the one person who would become that faithful partner to build a family with, to love, to cherish, and to honor. Of course she could come over.

While she was there, he gave her the key to the house. Now she could pop over any time she wanted to. He’s moving really fast with her, but she isn’t pushing back one bit. In fact, she’s moving right along with him. And that’s the key: if she wasn’t interested, she would mention she wanted to slow down. She’s an independent woman with a career at Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe! She doesn’t have to move fast if she doesn’t want to. But she seems to want to. And yes, she spent the night.

The morning conversation was interesting to say the least. You could tell that Candy and Chase wanted to know more about Gloria. They both, at different points, had her face in a thought bubble over their head. Daniel was most certainly going on about how much they were in love and how happy he was making her. He couldn’t contain himself he was so happy talking about it. Rarely has he ever been that joyfully animated while talking. It had to be about her. Whatever the true conversation was, it seemed to be good.

After the kids went to school and Chase went to work, Candy decided to head over to the pool and swim around. At that time, Gloria woke up and came into the kitchen. She gave Daniel a nice kiss on the cheek, then grabbed herself a bowl of cereal. They chatted for a few moments while she ate, then Daniel decided to take her aside. He had something very important to ask her.

She said yes, apparently. Then he asked her to join the household. He couldn’t even wait until they were married to live with her. It is his house now, so the assumption is that he makes the rules. Candy didn’t seem to mind that afternoon at dinner.

In fact, she may be secretly happy to get another lady in the house to balance out the testosterone levels around here. Either way, she knew one thing that was important to her was her children’s happiness. And if Gloria makes Daniel happy, then she probably wouldn’t say anything to jeopardize that anyway. Chase seemed happy when he came home as well. Perhaps they’re both just figuring that they, too, moved fast and they couldn’t really say anything about it. It worked for them.

Of course, this brings up the problem that there are now 8 sims in this household. That’s the maximum amount of sims permitted in the house. There was even a notification that the Full House achievement was reached. This being said, as Monday melted into Tuesday, Ethan and Evan were going to reach their cake day at the end of this week and they would, most certainly, be moving out in accordance to the rules. So the household will shrink again. That is until Daniel and Gloria start to build it back up.

The late afternoon and early evening saw the Stoddard Teens retreat to the family gym to continue to hone their fitness skills. Evan even reached level 9 fitness while exercising. None of them are as built as Chase or Daniel, but that’s probably because their body types are a little different. They do take more after their mother than Daniel ever did.

Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, look as these fine specimen of, erm, men. Soon they’ll all be old enough to start dating. Wouldn’t you want your lovely lady sim (or male sim because love is love) to have a Stoddard man as a romantic partner?

Lovely how they’re all striking a pose for camera. Except for Ethan, who is either looking down or had his eyes closed for this screencap. (Once they move out, they will be available on the gallery as Young Adults skills and all).

Tuesday morning saw Gloria and Daniel have the conversation about the wedding with Chase and Candy. They conversation went about as well as expected. Candy had a baby bottle thought bubble over her head while they were talking. Candy’s not pregnant, so maybe she’s thinking about getting some grandchildren while she’s still in her adult years so she can actually enjoy time with them.

In the calendar, going forward far enough it’s evident that Chase will become an elder when Grace becomes a teen. So they’ll be on the ball for any early grandchildren they can spoil why they have the chance. Perhaps Ethan, Evan, Frankie, and Grace will all have children after a while. Maybe not. Either way, it seems that the family is very happy that Daniel and Gloria are happy.

Of course, now this means a wedding has to be planned. Candy and Chase eloped immediately. Daniel wants an actual wedding with Gloria. He wants his beautiful love to walk down the aisle and be the center of attention. He wants to kiss under that arch, dance the night away, and eat the glorious wedding cake. Many plans to be decided upon until that day. For now, they’re together and that’s all that matters.

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5 thoughts on “2.04: Moving Fast

    1. Twin toddlers isn’t my ideal, but the game decides how many and what sex they are. I just have the sims get jiggy with it. Also, stop wishing twins on me! LOL. I’d rather just have them do one at a time until it feels like enough kids. Technically, an heir and a spare are all that are needed. Candy and Chase were just woohoo machines. They’ve woohooed a lot. I’ve seen the counter.


      1. It’s in their genes now. LOL … unstoppable twins. That’s what I wanted. Just to have Levi have two kids. Game thought otherwise.

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