2.05: Grin and Bear It

Candy decided that she wanted to play her guitar on her day off. She does that from time to time. With her high-paying music career, it’s always best to sharpen one’s own skills to ensure the audience is given the best possible performance.

Seems that she finally reached Level 10 of the guitar skill. Now she’s really one of the best guitarists around! Couple that with the fact she maxed out the piano skill and you have a powerful musician who can dance. She maxed that out, too!

Grace’s bear phase seemed to have lapsed. For a day she’d been pretty happy not to be a bear. Then she came from from school on Tuesday and went right back into the bear phase. Now, while everyone wants her to be happy, wearing a bear costume all the time can be quite ridiculous. In order to prove this point, when Chase came home he opted to join in the bear craze and change into his own bear suit.

The result was that Candy found it hilarious and Grace seemed to take it as encouragement. Oh well.

Tuesday evening saw Frankie start to hone some skill around the house. After an early-morning visit to the restroom, the toilet broke. He broke out the wrench and decided to get that commode back to working order. Nice to see that the kids are willing to help around the house.

Frankie wasn’t also willing to help be a handyman. He was willing to cook. Wednesday morning he was the first of the Stoddard bunch to awaken. So he went and cooked breakfast for the whole family. He’s turning into such a nice young man.

Daniel, having taken over the roll as the head of the family, needed to begin the daily gardening chore. Yes, the famous, old money tree. The aspiration point bonus that just kept on giving. While the family made enough cash between Candy and Chase’s jobs to keep everything rolling, the money tree was a nice addition. If you work hard enough in life, anything is possible. Even a tree that grows money.

Even as Candy relaxed by the pool, Chase was happy to work. Later on before work, he decided to take a few minute to enjoy the water slide on a hot Oasis Springs day.

Wednesday didn’t seem like it was going to be all that exciting around the Stoddard house. The kids went to school, people went to work, and needs were met. Of course, that doesn’t always mean that it will remain boring.

What was Daniel going to do with the intern? The kid had just gotten there and Daniel was now expected to train and manage him. No one did that for Daniel when he started. But, if this is what the manager wants, this is what the manager gets. Since Daniel was tossed into the deep end without much support, he thought that assigning the tough tasks to the intern was the right thing to do.

Nice to know that this decision worked out to Daniel’s favor. Nothing like a little performance gain!

Right on the heels of the intern decision for Daniel, Gloria found herself in a situation where her CEO was in the elevator with her. She did fret over how to handle the situation. Most people would. She decided that she may never get another chance to talk to the head honcho, so she struck up a nice conversation with him.

Well, having a friendly CEO is a good thing. Perhaps this means she’ll get a raise because of it?

Uh oh, Frankie is now having an issue. The SDT scores were really, really important. This is a tough choice because there’s a chance Frankie could blow it the second time around. Of course, there’s also the chance of him actually getting a better score. A score more indicative of his capacities. So he opted to retake the test.

Let’s hope they keep the highest test score, right?

Perhaps striking up a conversation with the friendly CEO was exactly what she needed that day? Now she’s gotten a promotion and a raise at Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe! Congratulations, Gloria!

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2 thoughts on “2.05: Grin and Bear It

    1. I doubt that Ethan, Evan, or Frankie would be interested in that. And Daniel probably has other things on his mind. But it would be so cute and hilarious to do that. Hmmmm…. *Strokes chin*


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