2.06: Changes

Thursday in a hotter-than-you-know-what Oasis Springs. A pretty standard day in the lives of Casa de Stoddard. School, work, exercise, gardening, eating, bathing… so forth and so on. However, the march of time continued towards major changes about to happen within the walls of the Stoddard Estate.

Simple changes are often the easiest to handle. This is particularly true when the change is positive.

A raise for Candy. No one ever complained about making more money per hour. Even at the top of her field, the highest paygrade she could attain, raises for good work were still in order.

Chase also received a raise at work. There’s lots of time left in their lives, so they only stand to make more money as time goes by.

For Gloria, she was given a rather dicey situation at work to deal with.

Her immediate reaction was to turn over all the paper and damn the job. How could she work for Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe if they were going to be a crooked outfit. That being said, she also had to worry about not bringing money into the household. Yes, the family was fairly well off, but she didn’t want to seem like she was in it for the money. So, against her will, she opted to lose the papers.

Daniel had also received a promotion at work. Now he’s a starter for the Llamacorns. His dreams were beginning to become a reality. Now whenever and wherever the team too the field, he was going to be out there playing for his city with pride in front of thousands of adoring fans.

Friday, everyone took the day off. No one went to school. No one went to work. It was a particularly big day for the Stoddard clan. Gloria and Daniel had set the date for their wedding. They would’ve done it on Saturday, but Ethan and Evan’s cake day was Saturday and they didn’t want to interfere with the celebrations for the twins.

The waterslide was taken down for the day. The couple decided to get married at the Stoddard Estate. Chase had the entire area setup so that the arch was beneath the twin palms from which the Stoddard Estate took its name. It was a bright, sunny, and hot Oasis Springs day. The event would be catered. There would be a mixologist and a pianist. It would be a full wedding.

A small group was invited. The Stoddard clan and Yuki. Family only. No need to invite half of Oasis Springs to this event. It was by far a formal affair. Weddings tended to be that way.

For some reason, even though all of the guests were told what chairs to sit in, the moment the wedding began, they all shifted. Poor Yuki walked over to the pool and just out of shot for this screengrab. Took her a moment or three to figure it all out.

Chase and Candy didn’t sit by each other. No, there’s no issues in the relationship. Gloria’s family weren’t able to come because they were in Brazil and couldn’t make it back in time for the quickly-organized wedding. It was fine, though.

The vows were exchanged as the sun’s angle shifted causing the wedding arch to be underneath the relentless desert sunshine.

And finally, the union of souls was sealed with a kiss. Two lovers caught in a whirlwind romance were finally one family. I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stoddard.

The most important part of the entire event was the wedding. Obviously. Simply getting married gave a gold-star rating to the event. However, there were other activities on the list of things to be done that everyone wanted to check off to ensure it was a fulfilling day for everyone, not just the bride and the groom.

You have to cut the wedding cake. You have to eat the wedding cake. You must enjoy the cake. The cake is not a lie!

Everyone must eat the copious amount of food the caterer was making. Seriously. There’s enough left over that no one has to cook for a few days in this household in spite of the fact everyone ate well.

It wouldn’t be a party unless everyone was having something to drink. No one hires a mixologist just to pad the guest list.

Of course, the newlyweds had to flirt with each other. Gloria was already in a romantic mood (she’s a romantic, after all) and this just sent her into overdrive. Just wait till later, Gloria. Daniel isn’t going anywhere and everyone knows how wedding nights go. There are no secrets to that.

Then there was mingling. People mingled and talked. Frankie and Grace were both very well dressed. That shade of blue for Grace’s outfit was amazing. Frankie’s more stylistic choice in formal attire was pretty cool too. He looks like a party animal f or sure!

Of course the event ended. Gloria and Daniel were given some appliances that were poorer quality than that which was already in this house, but they didn’t sell them or give them away. These are items that will be used once Daniel has a chance to get in and redesign the house to his own liking later on down the road. First things first, though. This is a wedding night.

Saturday. Ethan and Evan have their cake day today. Chase and Candy would now have 3 out of 5 kids as Young Adults. Of course, Ethan and Evan were doing more than growing older today. They were moving out. But first, there were things that had to be done.

First was Ethan. He was the twin born first, so naturally he blew his candles out first. Tradition must be kept up with at all times.

Then Evan would stride up to the cake and give his candles the wind-tunnel treatment.

The celebration was much more subdued than yesterday’s wedding. There wasn’t a party held. Just a simple family gathering. Eating the excellent strawberry cake that Chase had made for the occasion.

Then the time came for the first babies to leave the nest. This day was always on the calendar. It wasn’t given any special marking to remind us it was coming. There were no special events to hold for it nor were there any required actions to complete. There was only a known feeling that the children would start doing what children for the whole expanse of human history would do: grow up and begin their own lives.

And with a few clicks of the computer, Ethan and Evan moved out of the Stoddard Estate. To ensure his boys were well taken care of, he gave them 125,000 Simoleans to split between them. Then they bought a house.

Oh yes, they bought back the house that they were born and raised in. It had not changed since they moved out. It brought back some nostalgia for them. However, they were full-grown Young adults and they must live their lives as their own. Perhaps they will get married and have children. Perhaps they will become successful in their own right. Perhaps they’ll find the happiness that the Stoddard family has been fortunate enough to find. Whatever that is for them.

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6 thoughts on “2.06: Changes

  1. Awww…this is a bittersweet chapter. Congrats to Daniel and Gloria! This is just a see you later to the twins. I’m sure Daniel will invite them over all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. From time to time they will pop up. It was bittersweet. I was kind of sad to move the twins out. I think in future, I’ll limit children to two per generation so that I don’t have so many kids to get attached to. Of course, that’s assuming TS4 doesn’t toss in multi-kids LOL.


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