2.07: The Weekend

What the household needed was time to relax. Friday was a wedding, Saturday was a cake day. Two sons left home to start their own lives. Emotions were running high. Folks needed time to blow off steam and relax and adjust to the new reality unfolding rapidly before them.

Frankie had always loved running to the water. Whenever he needed to fill his time with fun to break the monotony of life, he either opted for the waterslide or the pool. It brought him comfort and joy. What more could anyone want after a busy period than to just relax on the water. Of course, this is Frankie so he took that more literally than most would’ve.

Gloria’s presence in the household kind of helped with the now-empty feeling some were having with Ethan and Evan now on their own. Grace was really the first family member who opted to get Gloria to have fun. As a whiz kid, Grace needed to play chess and Gloria was a willing opponent.

While some were relaxing, Daniel got busy reorganizing the house. No changes to the structure were made, but some folks were shifted to new bedrooms. Grace’s bedroom was moved from the room above the kitchen to the room that Daniel and Gloria had as their own bedroom, which was also Daniel’s childhood bedroom. Gloria and Daniel, wishing to have slightly more privacy, moved into Grace’s old room. Yes, it was smaller, but eventually they’d have the big bedroom in the house. They just needed a place of privacy for those moments. Besides, Grace is now much closer to a bathroom than before.

Gloria then decided the time was right to relax herself.

Grace went back to her first-love toy, the pirate ship… in her human form this time!

Daniel came home with even more news.

He is moving right along in his career. An all-star player. A man who was not only good at the game, but was so good that he was the go-to. The one you wanted on your team. The one who you set up the shot for. Nothing like that feeling.

Of course, when you have big news like this, people tend to celebrate in many, many different ways. Some have a few drinks. Some take their someone special out for a meal. Some wind up doing the horizontal mambo. Guess which category a young, newly-married couple fell into? Hint: it’s not the first two. And sometimes that kind of activity can lead to….

….yes, Gloria is now pregnant with Daniel’s first child! Will it be a boy or a girl? Or two boys and two girls? Or one of each? Guess we’ll find out in due time.

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5 thoughts on “2.07: The Weekend

      1. Yeah, it can’t be more than two kids. There are 6 sims in the house right now. Perhaps maybe twin girls? That’d be nice. The Stoddard’s seem to keep producing dudes. It’d be nice to have a few girls running around. But, I’m just letting Gloria’s baby do whatever it is doing. No influencing through eating strawberries and listening to pop music (for a girl) or eating carrots and listening to Alternative (for a boy). I’ll let the game decide because most people don’t get to choose IRL. Though, if we have too many boys or girls, then I will do the eating/listening trick.. but as you read, that’s not always guaranteed. I had Candy do all that and we still had Franklin. LOL


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