2.08: No Slowing Down

Monday rolled in and it didn’t disappoint. Grace and Frankie went to school. Chase and Gloria went to work. Candy and Daniel had the day off. No sooner did the kids go to school, Candy received a phone call.

That’s some serious stuff. Candy ensured the school properly punished Frankie for his strange and dangerous behavior. How dare he try to do something like that? He was raised better!

Then Gloria ran into a problem

She didn’t want to presume upon the client that they needed to calm down, so she opted to ask the client to take a more polite tone. After all, she doesn’t have to put up with that kind of thing. All she wanted to do was help with whatever problem the client was having…

….sadly, it didn’t work out like that. She finally just politely hung up and hoped she wouldn’t get in trouble. Not a great success this action. Oh well.

Candy decided to jazz up the place and sat down at the piano. She played what sounded like some form of honky tonk kind of song and did so with gusto! She’s a full-fledge musician and boy does it show.

Frankie and Grace came home and did their home. It was so wonderful to see five kids at one point gathered around the table doing their homework. To see them having fun while learning. To see them enjoying each other’s company. The kind of heart-warming family time that most people love to have.

Now there’s only two. It seems so weird to only have two kids left in school. Granted, Frankie has about 3 or 4 weeks before he ages up and Grace will hit her teens before that, so they’ll be in school for a while longer, but the march of time does not quit.

After homework and dinner, Grace had a whim to swan dive into the pool.

It turned into a complete belly flop. While she still completed her whim, it wasn’t the most graceful way of doing things (no pun intended).

Tuesday rolled without a hitch. No one called with a problem. No one had work issues. Kids did their homework, the family at dinner, everyone had an easy day… except for Daniel. The team took a loss and apparently it wasn’t a good loss. At the postgame presser, he had been asked for an interview. He certainly wasn’t happy the team lost, but the journalist didn’t make him feel any better about it.

Rather than cause issues when he didn’t want to, he chose to discuss winning and losing as a team. He wouldn’t give into the prodding of this journalist to egg him onto some sort of frantic rant about not being out on the field when the game was on the line. Though, such a diplomatic tone means life goes on as normal.

Wednesday morning rolled in like a tidal wave. Shortly after she woke up, Gloria went into labor. Daniel had to jump up and race her to the hospital to give birth to their first child. He was a mess of nerves combined with excitement about becoming a father.

Unfortunately, the dudebro behind the desk didn’t register Gloria as a patient when she tried to sign in at the desk. In fact, it too three attempts to get him to realize that she was in labor and should, most likely, get to the delivery room.

Like father, like son. Daniel was in full panic mode now that the day had arrived for the kid to be born. What if he sucked as a father? What if he wasn’t ready? Which way does the diaper go? So many questions, so little time to keep preparing for one of life’s great blessings. And then…. the moment of truth arrived….

Welcome to the world, Heath Stoddard!

What a glorious moment in Daniel’s life. It had come full circle. He watched the doctor wrap his…. wait a minute… what’s happening now? Holy plumbob!

Uh…. quick name… Hayden! Yes, Hayden. Sounds great. Oh… welcome to the world as well, Hayden Stoddard.

That twin gene. That dadgum twin gene. Also, the Stoddard DNA gives us two more Stoddard men. No idea why this bias toward males is happening, but I fully expect that this will mean in the future someone will have nothing but girls.

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Corporate Slave, amateur writer, sage, soccer and football fan.

7 thoughts on “2.08: No Slowing Down

    1. Yes, you have to know when to take the L. Whatever his personal feelings about anything were, there isn’t an “I” in team. Though, there’s also no “We” in lose, so I suppose it’s just Daniel being diplomatic.

      And yes, TS4 hates me. I dislike multiples in TS4 because babies are horrible creatures in this game. They sleep all day, cry all night. Having two of them means…. lot of sleepless nights. But, it is what it is. Can’t give one back LOL


      1. I never liked the idea of a nanny. Some stranger taking care of the kids while the parents do other things. I just think parenting is something you have to do yourself.


  1. By the time Frankie and Grace finish school, you’ll have two more now going into school. It will be never-ending. Cannot wait to see the nooboos as toddlers now. Do they take after dad or mom in looks? Coming soon to a Stoddard chapter near you.


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