2.09: The New Normal

Babies require attention. They’re little bundles of joy that also need to eat, poo, wee, babble, sleep, burp, and all the other functions that babies do. Babies do not have a concept of things like time. They do not understand that after 10pm, people sleep and like to sleep all night long. What babies do know is they want something or they need something. They also know the only way to get what they need or want is to try. So what are parents to do who find themselves not getting the amount of sleep they need? Well, you kind of have to sleep when the kids are sleeping.

Daniel took advantage of his afternoon work schedule by sleeping during the time when Heath and Hayden were also asleep. He had work to do, so he needed to be well rested after swimming around earlier.

Evan stopped by today unannounced. Grown kids can sometimes do that. Just as he did, Heath and Hayden had woken up from their midmorning nap causing Daniel to jolt out of bed. Evan came rushing in to help calm down Hayden while Daniel busied himself changing Heath’s diaper. Uncle Evan to the rescue!

Of course, Evan wasn’t the only member of the Stoddard clan willing to help Daniel and Gloria out with the kids.

Grandma Candy also stops in from time to time to check on her new grandbabies. Something seems to suggest she loves being a grandmother who isn’t an elder. She’s still young enough to help with the kids and young enough to watch then start to grow as time moves on without feeling like there’s not enough time left to enjoy them.

Sometimes even Frankie and Grace will stop in to help out, though Grace can’t really do too much, she certainly loves seeing her two nephews. Frankie, on the other hand, while he loves the kids, isn’t quite prepared to do the fathering thing just yet. Perhaps telling the kid to “talk to the hand” isn’t quite the right approach. He’s certainly probably just unsure of what to do.

And of course Grandpa Chase is more than willing to help. A proud father, and now a proud Grandfather. Man, it feels so weird to call Candy and Chase grandparents, but they are certainly that.

Certainly Evan didn’t just stop by to say hi to his nephews. He wanted to visit Mom. They sat down at the table and started chatting away. A sun with a No sign over appeared over Evan’s head twice, so one can assume he was talking about disliking how hot it was outside, but again this is the desert. It’s known for its hot summers and mild winters.

And then as the evening turned into the night, Uncle Evan decided he needed to go swimming to beat the heat. Perhaps that’s his main reason for coming over? Perhaps not. The house he and Ethan live in does have a small pool, but perhaps he prefers the large pool at Mom and Dad’s?

Thursday presented Frankie with a conundrum. Should he return his rival’s notebook or should he trash it? Now that’s an interesting predicament. Frankie is one of the top students in his high school. He doesn’t need that notebook to pass. He’s already a straight A student. But, this notebook belongs to the one who may well be the smartest in the class. Maybe there’s something in there that Frankie doesn’t know. Or better yet, maybe this dude who owns the notebook needs it to study and Frankie can get ahead of him by trashing it rather than returning it. Frankie decides that he’s going to return the notebook because it’s the honest thing to do.

Well, no good deed goes unpunished…. good greif!

What to do when you blank on a test? You have two options: calm yourself and focus, or fake being sick and hopefully get a chance to retake the test. Grace decides to calm her nerves.

Now that’s the best option. Just take a few deep breaths. Center your focus. Concentrate on the test. No matter what it may seem, the knowledge is still locked up in your brain. You only have to let it out and ace the test. And that’s precisely what Grace did.

Gloria didn’t escape the workday without her own problem. She doesn’t know what to do with the mystery package. She could wait to see if someone turns up looking for it or she could send out a mass email asking for its owner to come and claim it. She opted to send the email.

Not quite sure how she went from “Hey, did you get an urgent package in the mail?” to sending cute pictures of hamsters, but there we go… and a wonderful nickname was born, Hamster-girl!

On Thursday, before he left work work, Daniel decided to turn Ethan’s old room into the new room for Heath and Hayden when the become toddlers. Happily, most of these items were in the household inventory, all Daniel had to do was paint the swatches different colors. This is why people sometimes never throw away perfectly-good items. They may come in hand later. However, Daniel’s twin boys have about a week before they become toddlers. No matter how much Daniel and Gloria want to age them up now, though. Seriously, they need a good night’s sleep!

Friday rolled around and Daniel found himself at work with an option to do something a little extra at work.

Should he work extra hours of complete a side projects. No idea what side project could help a professional athlete, so he opted to work extra hours… which probably means train a few hours more than normal.

Oooooh, the boss loved it. Daniel had a large performance gain. Perhaps he will get that promotion sooner rather than later?

Ethan stopped by. For some reason, he felt the need to barge into the bathroom to hug his brother, Frankie. Sweet as it is, perhaps Frankie should’ve offered to come out of the bathroom first?

What is it with the bathroom thing? Every time one of the Stoddard’s is in the bathroom, Ethan wants to talk to them and won’t wait for them to come out! LOL. But he did have a nice present for Grace.

Not sure what she’s gonna do with a hydroponic planter, but she’s thrilled to receive the gift.

On Thursday evening, Daniel decided that he wanted to move a few things around. He moved the pirate ship and the monkey bars to the side of the yard with the water slide. Then he removed the large plot of landscaping in front of the bedroom wing of the house completely and moved the money tree to a prominent location a bit more out of the sun. Gotta keep that tree alive, sir!

Chase isn’t worried about minor changes. He just doesn’t want to see his dream house rebuilt. Daniel will have to wait a long time before he can go that far. We’ll see what the future holds.

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