2.10: Growing

All in all, things were moving pretty normal in the Stoddard household. As always, school, work, food, sleep, bathroom, fun, socializing… all the things needed to keep a sim happy, healthy, and good. A good period of little to no incidents seemed to be on tap after times where it seemed like everything was go, go go!

Daniel decided that he was tired of having to walk halfway across the house to go to the bathroom. That and it always seemed like everyone always needed to go at the same time, which is more common than it should be really. So he did some renovations to his and Gloria’s room.

The side entrance was removed. The archway from the kitchen into the side entrance was removed and a door placed there. The old side entryway became the main bedroom and the upper portion of the space became their own en suite bathroom. Now, there was one more bathroom at Casa de Stoddard. A bathroom in which Daniel and Gloria could more easily take care of their own needs.

Ethan and Evan have become regular guest stars as of late. They seem to just show up now. They don’t always call to ask to come over, but that’s okay. Certainly Chase and Candy are always thrilled to see their twins. Though, they never show up at the same time. Good thing they’re fraternal and not identical. No one would ever be sure which one was which when they arrived.

For the third week, Grace left her bear phase, but then immediately returned to it. Not certain why this keeps repeating, but if it makes Grace happy, then might as well roll with it.

Over the weekend, there wasn’t much done to control the lives of the Stoddard clan. They were left to their own autonomy all weekend long. This did cause Grace to ask Candy for some advice.

Candy told her to ask other kids if she could join in on their fun. That seemed to be the advice Grace liked.

Then Frankie had to get Candy’s advice on a deep and important topic.

Candy just told him to wait for them to text back. Of course, I don’t think she realized sometimes people forget. Though, perhaps she is right.

Daniel had a conundrum at work. A teammate needed help and asked Daniel. Rather than just do it himself, Daniel tried to rally the team to help their fellow teammate.


Results were less-than idea. At least he tried.


Daniel also received a promotion to MVP. Now we’re talkin’ The big man on the field. The guy whos name is chanted during the match. The one everyone wants to talk to after the game. Doesn’t hurt that he makes more money this way. Just too bad there isn’t integration for the athlete career into the actual fame system. Seems like a squandered opportunity, but oh well.

As normally happens, babies grow. Slowly they stop being these completely dependent masses of wiggling cuteness and become terrorizing toddlers. Yes, Heath and Hayden’s cake day had arrived.

Here is Heath’s attire

Here is Hayden’s attire.

This was the moment to babble. Boy did they babble. First, to Gloria who paid careful attention to their incoherent gibberish.

Then to Daniel as he was trying to go to work.

Of course, having toddlers means they need their own room, which Daniel had already furnished. While Daniel was at work, Gloria put the toddlers down for their bedtime lulling them asleep with a nice bedtime story.

When Daniel came home from work, he tucked them in nice and tight and kissed his boys on the forehead.

I think Daniel and Gloria were rather relieved to have toddlers now. At least they could get a good night’s sleep.

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3 thoughts on “2.10: Growing

    1. You know, I didn’t really look too hard at that…… **fires up game** It does appear the toddler’s face look identical. We’ll see how TS4 does as time moves forward, though LOL.


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