2.06: Changes

Thursday in a hotter-than-you-know-what Oasis Springs. A pretty standard day in the lives of Casa de Stoddard. School, work, exercise, gardening, eating, bathing… so forth and so on. However, the march of time continued towards major changes about to happen within the walls of the Stoddard Estate. Simple changes are often the easiest to handle.Continue reading “2.06: Changes”

1.32: All Grown Up

Thursday. What can be said about Thursday? That honorable day butted against the end of the work week which brings hope to those anticipating the freedom of a weekend off normally wouldn’t be very interesting. Thursday’s rarely are. Monday’s are dreaded because the work week begins. Tuesday are good for tacos. Wednesday gets its fameContinue reading “1.32: All Grown Up”

1.27: They Grow Up Fast

To say that having a baby is a lot of work is nothing new. With Grace being the fifth child, though, Chase and Candy had everything down to a science. Chase would field the first cry, Candy the second. They alternated to allow each other to have some kind of decent sleep. One interesting thingContinue reading “1.27: They Grow Up Fast”